Ar. Babu Cherian BCA Architecture
In an age where climate conversations are running high with global warming casting its shadows world over, sustainable construction would be a topic of special emphasis in the architectural realm in 2021.
With the construction industry being a key contributor of about 36% of the worldwide energy usage and 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions, it is high time we buckle up and embrace the benefits of converting to sustainability.

With benefits ranging from environmental, financial as well as social, being sustainable further helps conserve and reduce the overall wastage of resources.

The advent of sustainable buildings has also unlocked many possibilities with scope for experimentation in the use of innovative techniques and technologies.
BCA Architecture
With housing demand being an all-time high, the use of techniques such as pre-cast construction would pave the way in creating habitats in a faster, more efficient and sustainable manner. This provides opportunities to create acceptable housing units within a reasonable time frame, while being well within the budget, thus providing a foundation for a reasonable lifestyle for all future homeowners.

At the end of the day, any form of construction would imperatively need to fulfil and feed the requirements of a community. Living in a technologically driven era, the basis of human interaction and connection has definitely lost its importance, which has been further solidified with the advent of Covid-19 and the adaptation of a socially distanced life style. But for any community to thrive, it necessitates the coming together of its people and architecture, which is one such field that has what it takes to support community development through the creation of safe, social interactions.

It would be apt to say 2021 would definitely be the year we try to reclaim our social spaces, but in a more safe and healthier manner.
From promoting social cohesion and social justice to overcoming the stark reality of mental health issues, architecture has a profound ability to nurture the shortcomings of a society by creating spaces that have a positive influence on the overall growth of a community. After all, a community is all about its people, and as architects, 2021 should be the year we create for the community while respecting and giving back to our environment one step at a time.