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The concept of immersive user experience has given way to one of the most glamorous trends in Real Estate today - theme-based gated townships.
Some structures are designed to stand out from among the rest, while other designs give users an experience beyond their imagination. Theme-based gated townships built around Mediterranean, Singaporean, or Roman etc designs that replicate the classical architecture from the respective cultures, fabricate an experience that is aesthetically unique and dreamlike for the buyer.

The main motive behind developing smart cities is streamlining the infrastructure and public facilities in the concerned area.
The development of smart cities will help in creating a sustainable environment by preventing wastage of natural resources with use of technology, and help citizens live a hassle-free life with a lower cost escalation. They will uplift the standard of living, improve business opportunities, and bring in investors.

But is India ready to include Smart Cities? To answer this question, the country needs advanced technologies coupled with basic governance and modern infrastructure in order to cultivate and sustain a viable smart city module. But the challenge remains that in developing countries like India a huge percentage of the population is still dependent on unskilled labour and daily wages.

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Introducing social spaces in a community brings defined physical aspects in a neighbourhood.
The inception of parks, kiosks, sidewalks promote social interactions and neighbourhood security. Practical references can be seen in the book “Death and Life of Great American Cities” by Jane Jacobs. Bus stops establish everyday interactions among people and make the streets more lively and safer. Parks become gathering spaces for parents with children to meet for walks and spending time outdoors, which results in higher community interchange. Small businesses that flourish in a community neighbourhood become highly used main spots for social interactions while creating a sense of familiarity with the shop owners.