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The world of design is experiencing a growing interest in sustainable trends such as recycling, upcycling and repurposing.
Architects and Interior designers should always be guided by sustainable and biophilic approaches. Heating and lighting are the two most crucial factors. Since most of the buildings heat escapes through windows, it’s important that the installed windows are of high quality and provide good insulation.

Instead of discarding ‘old-fashioned’ objects while they are still functional, creative ways to reuse them will give them a new life. In one of my projects, we reused the scaffolding bamboos to create roofing on the terrace, which not only keeps the area cool, but also adds a rustic vibe to the space.

Tejomaya Architects

Social spaces encourage spontaneous interaction amongst the residents and where they can experience a deeper connectedness.
The clubhouse/pool area is the most recognized public gathering space in a community. It is usually a central feature, hosting birthdays, celebrations, and movie nights. It often helps define the character of a neighborhood. Indoor play areas also should be planned where people can meet and enjoy a game together.

A city will be truly smart when every citizen can use automation as a necessity and not as a luxury.
Leaving aside the infrastructure planning for creating smart cities, I think automation can play a bigger role in making the citizens live the concept of smart cities in their everyday lives. Features like controlling lights, air conditioners, door access etc are already being used well, and can be upgraded further. Home automation helps to control electricity usage in a big way, which is the need of the hour. Nevertheless, we are all awaiting the new reality of connected vehicles and autonomous cars and Amazon deliveries by drones, which are being geared in and will certainly gain traction in 2021.