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The future of an increasingly globalised world lies in green buildings and eco-friendly homes - a concept that is gaining traction rapidly.
Sustainability is the vital element in development from material selection to use of recycled content within the building structure, to water conservation and rainwater harvesting systems. I believe that at every step of home building, the elements of nature and the aspects of construction can coexist in harmony and synergy rather than at cross purposes. Going forward, there will be a lot of innovation in housing, where sustainability and exclusivity will be the key to this new paradigm shift.

A building designed using passive architectural features can significantly reduce its dependency on mechanical forms of cooling and heating and lower operational costs to a great extent. For instance, white- or light-coloured roofs reflect the sun’s energy instead of absorbing it, thereby reducing the amount of energy it takes to cool a house. Laterite stones, rich in iron and aluminium are good for insulation and keep houses cool in summers. Double glazed UPVC windows help in maintaining the internal temperature and provide good ventilation. Rock-wool for ceilings acts as an insulant, preventing loss of heat or coolness. R290 and R600a AC systems, for instance, are hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) that do not contribute to ozone depletion.

Damp-proofing technology at the plinth level, anti-termite treatment from naturally derived solvents, use of IP65 rated outdoor lighting, application of food grade coating for water storage tanks, and solar water heaters are perhaps the more visual technology.

Bennet & Bernard Group

The sustainability factor has taken centerstage today for sustainable development goals.
Using natural resources such as light, wind and earth, sustainable homes aim to lower their carbon footprint and significantly reduce the amount of heat and power they consume. High roofs with large openable ventilators, windows and skylights, which allow for hot air to rise and leave and circulate cool air in the house keep the interiors cooler in summers. Also, houses that are optimally positioned and aligned keeping in mind the wind directions and sun in mind.

As developers, our endeavor is to make green a way of life, a reconnection to a natural, organic, simpler and healthier way of being, and in harmony with our spaces and the nature around us.