Aman Trehan Trehan IRIS
With the current changing times and uncertain conditions, architects and developers have their thinking caps for creating futuristic communities that are smart, self-sufficient and sustainable.
There are a lot of variations and up-gradations in the current and existing formats of architectural designs, but few of them will be the trendsetting features in 2021. The focus will not only be limited to designing elements, but it will also be a major consideration to keep all the construction elements in mind, in order to keep the various parameters for creating sustainable spaces for future generations.

Sustainable Construction is the new buzz word, which has a great emphasis on using natural materials received from Mother Earth. These materials, which are used to create sustainable construction are naturally available for extraction and are known for adding value to the spaces used. However, an important aspect of procuring sustainable materials and the process of using them has to be carefully taken care of, to make the construction really sustainable.


For the upcoming smarter generations, Smart Cities are the future of urban development.
Creating sustainability in a smart way involves optimal usage of existing resources along with creating value. Infusing technology to enhance the existing structures will be the basic need for creating and developing any kind of spaces. The projects for managing air quality, waste management, water conversation and solid waste reduction will be further induced at household levels after implementing at the city levels for smooth functioning and better management.

On one side, including smart projects at initial levels for micro development are sure to create more responsible behaviour among the citizens, while, the current uncertain conditions have already created a shift in the mindset of the society to stick to the essentials.

Minimalism and cost efficiency will play an essential role in creating & constructing in the coming times. After being an avid user of AI and smartphones, constructing designs with smart materials will be the new way of living. The future is surely going to be a blend of sustainability along with the right use of technology for modernisation & minimalistic living.