Lingel New-Age Windows

Focus on reducing noise
Doors and windows will focus more strongly on noise reduction, especially for projects executed in large cities. Currently, in Sliding Windows, there is no countable noise reduction. Even a better glass combination will not improve the overall insulated glass performance, since the sealant brushes are not stopping the noise. Weak points at site are window ACs installed inside a wall; wooden doors inside the room next to the windows; structure or curtain wall glazing next to the windows; and slim brick walls of about 4 inches.

Doors need to have a multi-point lock and bottom profile. In Floating Mullion, the production/locking has to be very precise, otherwise there will always be a big risk that the proposed noise reduction will not be achieved. Similarly, in Slide and Fold door systems, the coupling joints and mechanical joints need to be avoided as noise bridges are there between all the coupling joints.
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There will be a stronger focus on noise reduction, energy saving, security and long-lasting coloration of doors and windows. The latest Lingel 6:0 comes with all these features as we strongly believe that products with an expected lifecycle of at least 30 years should perform accordingly.

Mario Schmidt, MD, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies

Use of special glass for saving energy
There will more focus on energy saving while using special glass solutions. Solar energy can cause overheating and unpleasant glare. Solar control glass, if it is body-tinted, will absorb heat, and if coated, will reflect heat. Such glasses on windows will help reduce unwanted solar radiant light and heat energy transmitted through the glass. Also, lower U-values can be achieved by using multiple glazing layers, gases, and low-e coatings.

Rising demand for Security Windows and Meshes
Lingel is offering complete solutions for windows with provision for a security grill as well as in-built security grills, and window meshes, along with a warranty for the solutions. Customers not willing to, or not able to install grills, especially in sliding doors and open sliding windows, are concerned about securing them as the mesh usually protects against mosquitos only, and not against thefts. Lingel's security meshes are strong enough to resist breakage by any hammer or steel pipe, and cannot be destroyed, expect by certain motorized equipment.

Stylish colors that do not discolor
Lingel's uPVC systems are offering a wide range of special color wrapping/foiling by Renolit. The foils are tested for the Indian environment. With 10 to 15 years warranty against discoloration, the lifetime exceeds all the traditional available color options.As part of the traditional wooden colors, many new age and stylish plain colors are also available.

For our Aluminium systems Lingel is associated with AkzoNobel, a leading company in the powder coating segment. But for all wooden finish colors, Lingel's in-house R&D team will be introducing solutions for exterior applicationsby December 2018. Till then, the company suggests that customers should avoid wooden finishes in aluminium windows on the house exteriors as there is huge discoloration within a very short time due to the Indian climate and the strong rays of the sun.

Lingel Windows

Lingel's new 6.0
The new Lingel 6.0 for aluminium windows and doors is of international quality standards, with superior design, and affordably priced. Made in collaboration with German engineers and its partner Q-Windows based in Kuala Lumpur, the windows and doors are designed in such a way that it is difficult to say whether they are of uPVC or wood.

Lingel has used its complete uPVC hardware range for the aluminium windows. This is a huge milestone since the synergy of both systems uPVC and aluminum is helping the company to position the product at an unmatched level.

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Lingel 6.0's features include a 60-mm wide section for frame and shutter, 2-mm outer wall, thicker, SS grade and glued corner connector for all visible parts of the corners, first-in-industry Z mullion used for outside/inside glazing, Lingel SS grade hardware, heavy-duty friction hinges (upto 50-kg per panel can be fitted), glass thickness upto 36-mm, and chambers that can be steel reinforced for additional strength.

The added benefit of Lingel 6.0 is that any possible window design from anywhere in the world can be fabricated. Applications include entrance doors, slide and folding fenestration systems, casement opening windows, and lift and slide systems. For fabricators, the system is designed such that the corner angles have to be machine pressed. With this, Lingel assures that at any point of time the maximum strength of the unit is guaranteed, and without making any compromise during fabrication.