Vikas-GandhiAr. Vikas Gandhi, Plan Loci
India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but as a developing country, it is still grappling with basic issues of poverty, illiteracy, hunger, homelessness etc. When such a nation pushes to move forward and create infrastructure, it deals with budget constraints, and the need to do more with less. Along with this, the country's struggle with corruption leading to a flawed system of malpractices etc, affect the quality of a process and the product, with laxity in rules and overlooking of environment concerns.

In recent times, there have been increasing air pollution concerns. As one sees lack of political will to resolve the issues, individuals are scrambling to find solutions to protect their own. There has been a spurt of products to address this problem.

Architecture, typically, the slower counterpart in response, will look to find solutions to this new concern amongst people. Sales of indoor plants, which provide oxygen even in the night such as Areca Palms, money plants, xanzevera etc., have surged. People are taking note of VOC contents of the products they use. A sense of concern has spread, and this is what will lead to designing efforts to create low pollution havens.