Ozone offers a wide range of designer spiders crafted in sheet metal with forms inspired from nature, aimed at offering a whole new perspective and innovative approach to glass facades. Manufactured in Stainless Steel 304/316 grade, these spiders are without fin type spiders giving a new age look to the modern facades. Sheet Metal Spiders from ozone with other modular components & tube are used to create pellucid and at the same time extremely stable facades for any kind of building structure. The range includes:-

Dew Drop Spider Fittings: Crafted in the design of a dew drop, this spider fitting is an expression of elegance, strength as well as optimum functionality. The fitting comes in matt finish with 4mm to 8mm thickness and an arm distance of 120mm, 160mm and 200mm. This fitting can be used for both exterior and interior facades and glass partitions. Glass cabins can also be created with the help of these fittings.

Ozone Petal Spider

Petal Spider Fittings: A design inspired from the petals of a flower, this fitting reflects the charm of a petal, yet is sturdy enough to firmly hold a glass façade. This matt finished spider is available in 4mm to 8mm thickness with an arm distance of 120mm, 160mm and 200mm. Suitable for the creation of both exterior and interior facades, these fittings are also fit for making internal glass partitions and glass cabins.

Ozone Star Fish
Starfish Spider Fittings: Designed in the shape of a starfish, this fitting is a simple replication of style and sleekness. Precisely capable of firmly holding a glass façade, starfish spider fitting is matt finished and available in 6mm and 8mm thickness with an arm-distance of 200mm. It sees a wide application – in exterior or interior facades, internal glass partitions or even for glass cabins.

Ozone Butterfly Spider

Butterfly Spider Fittings: Crafted in the shape of a butterfly to firmly hold the glass in facades in place with its widely spread arms, this matt finished fitting is available in 6mm & 8mm thickness covering an arm distance of 200mm & are also available in 4mm thickness with 120mm & 160mm arm distance.

Ozone Solar Spider
Solar Spider Fittings: This spider fitting has been designed in circular shape, giving it a resemblance of the planets of our solar system. It enables creating a stable and safe vacuum glass façade structure along with providing the freedom & advantage of using the glass with or without holes while creating the facade. Matt-finished, Solar spider is 10mm thick and comes in 140mm and 200mm outer dia.The fitting can be used for exterior or interior facades, internal glass partitions and glass cabins.

Ozone has been offering SS casted spiders in options of with fin and with-out fin spiders as per building structure's requirement.