With a rich history and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we continue to position ourselves as a leading provider of reliable and innovative kitchen solutions, bathroom accessories, and architectural fittings, aver Vipul Shah, Managing Director & Suketu Shah, Director, Vinay Wire.

Our USP & Top Sellers
We manufacture a wide range of kitchen utilities, bathroom accessories and architectural fittings which include drawer baskets, auto hinges, ball bearing type of telescopic drawer slides, slim and regular tandem, crates for hotel and catering division, cable trays and fitting components, etc, and even products that are customized as per corporate and customer requirements.

In the kitchen segment, we started by making storage baskets (we are still known for them) and are leading the segment today. Our tandems and hinges are also selling like hot cakes. We have a 16,000 sq. ft working area for our basket division and 16,000 sq. ft for our telescopic drawer slides, located at Naroda. The factory is equipped with fully automatic multi spot welding machines, automatic wire bending machines, an automatic nickel chrome plant, etc, and testing facilities like drop test, dimension check, shear test, salt spray test, etc, for maintaining stringent quality and standard checks.

Alongside our ready inventory of existing products, Vinay Wire consistently introduces new and exciting products to meet the evolving needs of customers.

manufacture a wide range of kitchen utilities

Product Quality totally depends on 3 things
First is Intention, second is a skilled team and updated facilities, and the third is the raw material. For different products we use different materials. Irrespective of what material we use, important is check-point that makes a product different from a similar product of another brand.

We do a thorough inspection of the raw material when it reaches our factory. We do a surface inspection, a thickness check, and of its properties before we issue and order to the production department. Only if the material meets our requirement do we start processing it. The right finish is also ensured in the same way. Usually, baskets with nickel chrome plating finishing have to pass a salt spray test and a coating thickness test. In this way we follow all the specifications in order to maintain our quality level.

Vinay Wire
Vinay Wire is constantly innovating and developing new products of high quality to meet the evolving needs of our customers. The company’s dedication to quality sets it apart, ensuring that every item under the brand is built to last and designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of modern homes.

(R) Vipul Shah & Suketu Shah

Dealing with Competition
Vinay Wire deals with competition by focusing on its strengths, which include the following:
  • Indigenous product development and R&D: Vinay Wire has a strong in-house R&D team that is constantly developing new products that meet the needs of its customers. This gives our brand a competitive advantage over companies that rely on imported products.
  • Local manufacturing and service: Our strong local manufacturing and service network allows us to provide customers a fast and reliable service.
  • Understanding local requirements: Our close understanding of the requirements of customers allows us to develop products that meet their specific needs. Our team of dedicated employees is committed to providing customers with the best products and services.
  • Widening presence: We have a wide presence across all states like Assam, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, MP, UP, Haryana and Punjab. We have a dealer – distributor network in 12 states and are exporting to a few countries.
manufacture a wide range of kitchen utilities

Along with competition, we face several other challenges, such as:
  • The rising cost of raw materials in recent years has put pressure on our margins.
  • The increasing demand for imported products in India is a challenge for us as we have to compete with imported products that are often cheaper.
  • Though the company is currently focused on the Indian market, however, in order to grow, we need to expand our market to other countries.
But with the team and the infrastructure that we have, we consider challenges as an opportunity to improve our product quality and to expand our product range.

Going forward, we will invest in R&D to stay ahead of competition and will expand our export market to more countries.