The Free family fulfils demand for creative freedom, choice of material, design, ease of installation, and convenient operation, made possible by slimmer designs, lighter operation, and simpler installation.

The fittings of the Free family give flaps new freedom in movement. This opens up more opportunities in the visual and technical design of furniture and has tangible benefits compared to hinged doors. But above all, it gives the furniture and the room elegance and lightness. Whether the flap is lifted, tilted, swiveled, or folded – it immediately provides added value and more efficiency when working.

SLIMMER: Space-saving Design
the visual and technical design of furniture
Free lift systems combine hinge and lid stay into one unit – this reduces not just the amount of space that the hardware requires in the cabinet, but it also looks significantly more elegant. More room, due to the slimline, discreet fittings, increases the amount of usable space in the cabinet interior. The consistent development of the 3-spring system and the motion geometry of the fittings has resulted in a slimmer construction of the housing.

LIGHTER: Easier Operations with Comfort
The main focus while developing the range was on providing maximum ease to the user. With the Free Lift Systems, Häfele has created new standards. The range turns opening and closing a cabinet into an experience. All the lift systems are characterized with having feather-light movement and are extremely smooth to operate. They can be precisely coordinated to the individual flap weight, so that the front panel is held in any position and the handle is always easily reachable, even for persons of small stature.

SIMPLER: Quicker Installation Saves Time
the visual and technical design of furniture
An impressive advantage of the Free family is its globally unique simple and quick installation. From one-handed installation and screw fixing of the fittings to clip-on mounting of the flaps, all working steps are optimized in such a way that the installer saves a noticeable amount of time – for more efficiency.

With Free fold, Free up, Free swing, Free flap and Free space, the range covers all of the most popular types of opening for flaps on wall units. Free fold and Free fold short make it possible to create smooth-running double flap lift up fitting solutions and are designed for high wall units. Free swing is the ideal choice if an extremely large front panel needs to be swivelled away over the top of the cabinet. The Free up parallel lift-up front fitting moves one-piece front panels upwards parallel to the cabinet and is therefore ideally suited for cabinets with front panels above them.

The Free flap hinge-less stay flap fittings have already made their mark in an impressive fashion. They are extremely easy to install and have a practical clip-on mechanism for installing the front panel without tools. Free space is characterized by an extremely compact size that goes hand-in-hand with fine, understated yet distinctive designs. It eliminates the need for large cover-caps and opens up new freedom for modern furniture design such as convenient flaps for shallow cabinet depths.

System Functionalities
the visual and technical design of furniture
All Free lift systems come with an integrated soft close for easy and gentle closing. However, the trick lies in the fact that the soft close operates in both the opening and the closing direction. This makes operating the flaps extremely easy and convenient, independent of their type of movement.

The lift systems can also be optionally equipped with an electric drive (E-drive). A gentle tap on the front panel or the push-button switches embedded in the side panel allows the flap to be effortlessly and effectively opened and closed without having to guide it by hand. Quiet operation, integrated safety stop function and cushioned movement to the end position predestines this version of the fittings for top quality furniture construction.