Tunes Interior has gained both domestic and global recognition in the field of modern architectural hardware fittings due to the company’s constant innovation in design, new finishes, and its trendsetting products, informs, Alpesh Parikh, Managing Director, Manal Parikh, Sales & Marketing Director, Tunes Interior.

evolving design trends in the marketplace

What are the architectural hardware products offered by Tunes Interior?
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Architectural Hardware Fittings. Our wide range of products include Furniture Handles, Door Pull Handles, Cabinet Pulls, Knobs, Wardrobe Pulls, Hooks, Lever/Mortise Handles, and Lock Body and Cylinders. Our products are available in Zinc, Aluminium, and Brass, in over 300 designs and 20 finishes.

evolving design trends in the marketplace
Companies should never compromise on quality; only then will their products find acceptance across all markets – both domestic and international.

Alpesh Parikh & Manal Parikh

What are the latest trends with respect to finishes, designs, and colours?
evolving design trends in the marketplace
Handles are the most integral part of furniture. When designed creatively, they add aesthetics to the furniture, which is reflected in the interior décor of the space. Besides, which, our handles have high utility value as they operate smoothly, are durable, and their finishes are long lasting.

We are always aware of evolving design trends in the marketplace. The current trend is the concept of ‘half round knobs or pulls’, and ‘4ft handles’ that are fitted from the bottom of the wardrobe. As regards finishes, the most popular are the PVD Matt and the Black finish.

What is the company’s marketing strategy?
When it comes to selecting handles, the touch and feel experience is a very important factor. Hence, our strategy is to showcase our brand with exclusive sample plates, in all the leading showrooms. This creates a lot of awareness amongst our potential buyers (homeowners, architects, interior designers). We also collaborate with print and digital media, participate in exhibitions and in various trade shows to expand our reach and tap new markets.

How has the company grown over the years and what are your plans for further growth/expansion?
When we launched our brand Tunes in 2014, we received a very positive response from customers. Today, we are offering an unmatched range of more than 4000 skus in handles, making us a manufacturer and supplier of the largest number of handles, and we are growing at a CAGR of 30% y-o-y.

We have a presence across all the states of India, with over 1500 dealers. We have our footprint in overseas markets like UAE, Oman, Israel, Nepal, and Bangladesh, and we will continue to expand further. We have recently set up an export division, with distributors in Israel, UAE, and Oman. One of our goals for 2023 is to enter the European markets.

evolving design trends in the marketplace

What would you attribute the success of Tunes Interior to?
With the changing sentiments towards Indian brands/companies and production houses, acceptance of Indian products is seeing a very positive trend. I once had a very heartening experience in Oman when our distributor made a special request to print ‘Made In India’ on our products as they believed that this would get the products quicker acceptance from the buyers, higher sales, and better margins.

Such incidents make us proud of our country and our ability to produce international quality products. In fact, we should never compromise on quality. This is what we believe and adhere to always, and the reason for our success and continuing growth!