Dhiren Shah, MD, Quba Group, elaborates on their growth from a design-centric handle manufacturer to a complete architectural fittings’ provider.

What are the emerging demands in the architectural hardware fittings industry? How are global design trends impacting Indian tastes?
The use of high-end technologies has increased manifold, enabling improved hardware design and production with requisite quality and sustainability. The surge in industrial activity across major economies drives the demand for architectural hardware, and after Covid-19 we have seen a tremendous boost in demand.

Customer preferences have shifted from mere products to complete solutions and offerings, influence by Western culture. Subtle, classic and minimalistic designs are predominately winning hearts today.

Quba Architectural Fittings For Smart Homes

Tech-savvy consumers are driving the ‘home smart home’ trend. How is Quba aligning its products to provide smart solutions?
The Quba Group believes in catering to what the market demands and always meets customer expectations across all the parameters - be it product line, trend, convenience, quality, or competitive pricing. In terms of Smart Home offerings, we have recently launched Digital Access solutions, which include digital locks and safes – their core usp being the design aspect followed by the technology.
Dhiren Shah, MD, Quba Group
We are undertaking rigorous R&D to come up with a wide range of international quality kitchen fittings, digital locks, wardrobe locks, and home automation systems

Dhiren Shah

Our hero product – Quantra – is a Red Dot winner. It has 5 access modes and an in-built mobile app free, and it exceeds all the expectations of our affluent Indian consumers. There is a whole lot of products in our digital range, including home automation in the pipeline.

What is your complete product range and sectors you are catering to? Please tell us about your latest offerings.
The Quba Group offers universal builders architectural fittings across the categories of kitchen, bathroom, furniture, and glass fittings. As technology keeps evolving, every quarter we see to it that our product line is advanced in terms of technology and quality, at a competitive price.

Our latest offerings includes the premium and exclusive Soul Collection in the handles segment, premium main door locks Stronghold, Trident, and Vault (which we relaunched following public demand, Armour main door locks, and our attractive Trident Collection of pull handle combos. We have also explored new PVD finishes in rose gold, black matt, and gold palettes in our latest collection, for which we have got a very positive response from the market.

Quba Architectural Fittings For Smart Homes

What is your expansion plan in terms of product portfolio, R&D, and dealer network?
As a company, we have grown from just a design-centric handle manufacturer to a universal builders’ architectural fittings provider. Our product portfolio covers 4 brands: Symmetry Kitchen and Furniture Hardware Fittings, Quba Architectural Hardware Fittings and Digital Locks and Safes (under Digital Access Solutions), Agua Inspiring Bathroom Concepts, and Arteza Glass Hardware Fittings.

We are always focused on market trends and future potential market demands, which are majorly influenced by the West, thus giving priority to aesthetics, convenience, technology, and quality parameters.

We undertake rigorous R&D to develop new product lines. We plan to extend our product lines to complete high-end kitchen fittings that meet international standards, and also extend our digital lock range to wardrobe locks and home automation systems, while many more are in the pipeline.

Our over 5000 dealers are reaching our brand to consumer households pan India. We are proud to say that our consumers and dealers believe strongly in the Quba Group and the value that their products bring.