Wavin’s cost-efficient, innovative, and reliable pipes and fittings solutions are promoting sustainable development and supporting future-proof infrastructure building requirements in India. Maarten Roef, President, Wavin, shares information on the company’s expansion plans in India

Wavin, an innovative pipes and fittings solution provider for the building and infrastructure industry, has been supplying a wide range of plastic pipe and fitting systems for residential and commercial building applications as well as for infrastructure projects. Backed by 60+ years of expertise, the company is well equipped to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges in safe and efficient water supply, sanitation and hygiene, climate-resilient cities, and better building performance.

Wavin India: Building Healthy, Sustainable Environments
In India, Wavin is a solution provider for drinking water supply and waste-water drainage for residential and commercial buildings as well as high-end low-noise pipe systems for additional indoor comfort. Wavin also has a strong foothold in rainwater and stormwater management. Products and systems are sold directly to projects and through its network of distributors, agents, and licensed partners.

Wavin India has its offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and is part of the Wavin Asia Pacific and Wavin Group. Wavin Asia Pacific’s headquarters in Singapore manages its regional presence in China, India, Indonesia, and other countries in Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Wavin APAC provide architects, developers and consultants with design support, recommendation on cost-efficient solutions, as well as sharing global best practices and information on product innovations and market trends. Its list of prestigious projects includes 5-star hotels, hospitals, high-rise buildings, etc.
Wavin is well-positioned to serve the growing market of India and contribute to building healthy, sustainable environments. The acquisition of the second plant as part of Wavin’s ongoing expansion into the Indian and APAC markets reinforces our commitment to the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. The geographical coverage, which the Neemrana and Hyderabad facilities offer, is quite extensive. Indeed, with these two locations and our warehouses, we are set to efficiently serve the districts where most of the market growth is taking place

Maarten Roef, President, Wavin

After the recent acquisition of a manufacturing plant in Hyderabad, Telangana, Wavin has announced the acquisition of a new facility in Neemrana, Rajasthan, from Dura-Line (manufacturer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conduits). It’s the second acquisition by the company in 2021 in India to meet the emerging demand for advanced water and gas pipes and fittings for below-ground use and CPVC, uPVC, and SWR pipes for above-ground applications. The products and system solutions are manufactured as per the strictest quality standards and are fully compliant with governing standards.

Wavin is also training and upskilling plumbers through its distributors and channel partners across India to ensure that the plumbers can perform their jobs expertly and contribute to ensuring safe and reliable drinking water installations.