Preet Vachani
Co-founder of Jamnagar-based V.K. Industries, Preet Vachani, shares his Make in India initiatives and plans to be the first company in the country to launch Mortise locks with Europrofile Cylinders under its Boss brand, which is known for a wide range of new-age, high security mechanical locks

How is the lock industry growing in India?

The locking solution market in India is currently valued at ₹4500-5000 crore, and we're expecting it to grow significantly due to increasing urbanization, government's housing schemes, development of 100 smart cities, along with rising disposable income and security concerns. The industry is growing very fast with new trends and technology, and to stay competitive, manufacturers must upgrade their manufacturing processes and quality of their products. Cost and affordability are a challenge as consumers want quality and performance, but at an affordable price.

What does the Boss product range comprise of?

At Boss Locks, we keep innovating and have a wide range of locks for various applications such as main doors locks, door closures, and pull handles for both wooden and glass doors. Our latest Nano Tribolt has a double stroke iron dead bolt with 13mm stroke length, 29mm diameter, 3 axis pin cylinder with 14 pin ultra-dimple key at very competitive price. The cylinder and keys are made from pure brass, and there is an LED key for night vision which is USP of all our locks. Most importantly, the keys are unpickable and impossible to duplicate.

We will be launching Mortise locks with Europrofile Cylinders soon; these will be the first-of-their-kind to be manufactured in India. They are currently being imported from China, Taiwan and many other countries.
We believe that as a new entrant in locksmithing, we can be competitive if we focus on quality and innovation and develop customer-oriented products

What is your company's manufacturing capacity?

We have a capacity to produce one lakh rim locks per month at our factory in Jamnagar, Gujarat. We do complete in-house manufacturing from procuring raw material to final products, and we have stringent quality checks in place with an Accepted Quality Limit of 2.0%. In fact, our locks undergo 7 different quality checks that include the Salt Spray Test, Punch Test, Bond Test, HB Pencil Test, and tests to gauge the finishing and mechanical longevity of the performance and plating, such as life cycle testing machine, surface smoothness, scratch resistance etc. We give 15 years guarantee on our all products which comply with ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards, and we undertake extensive R&D, with about 10% of our revenue going towards it.

With our expertise in conversion of traditional locks into state-of-the-art models through precision engineering, and fitted with modern mechanisms and advanced features, the Boss brand today has developed the widest range in the locks industry.

Cupboard Lock

What are your plans for expansion?

Boss Locks was launched in 2014 and in a span of 4 years, the company has built a pan India presence and is also present in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, with 100 distribution partners. We now plan to enter European and African countries.

Boss Locks’ wide range of door locks include Tribolts, Night Latches, Stroke InterLocks and more, and the company has recently added the Nano Tribolt and Dead Lock, thereby, heralding an era of Make in India manufacturing