Kiran Hospital Surat Ensures Hygiene Factor Even In Beautification of Their Premise with Kich Architectural Hardware Products

kiran hospital, surat

It is always a matter of pride for any brand when it gets chosen for the giant projects. The pride grows in many folds when those projects hold great importance in terms of public interest and welfare. At present, India’s leading architectural products brand Kich is also feeling such pride for being chosen for supplying its architectural products to Kiran Hospital, a Multi Super Specialty Hospital & Research Centre in Surat, Gujarat.

Kiran Hospital is the project of Samast Patidar Aarogya Trust and its foundation stone was laid by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The project spreads across 3.53 acre of land having gigantic elevation and modern infrastructure.

Considering hygiene factor of Kich products, it was the most ideal choice for this kind of project where maintaining hygiene holds utmost importance. Kich products like Mortice Handles, Mortice Locks, Cabinet Handles, Pin Cylinders, etc. meet this hygiene requirement perfectly. Being made of corrosion-resistant high grade AISI 316 stainless steel, these products repel bacteria making them the most suitable products for the premises like Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Hotels and even homes and offices where high degree of hygiene is required.

“Kiran Hospital aims social welfare. Being a Multi Super Specialty Hospital, it will provide comprehensive solution of diversified health problems. Since we were forming a hospital building, we required a kind of architectural products which can offer great degree of hygiene. To fulfill our requirement, Kich has proved itself an ideal choice,” said Shree Govindbhai Dholkiya, Chairman, Samast Patidar Aarogya Trust-Surat. (CMD-Shri Ramkrishna Export)

“As we have separate areas for Emergency Care, Critical Care, Day Care, Surgery, etc., aesthetics reliability was of equal importance. Kich has delivered us more than we expected on technical and quality fronts in various areas of hospital. So, we are very happy choosing Kich,” said Mr. Mathurbhai Savani, Trustee, Samast Patidar Aarogya Trust-Surat. (CMD-Savani Brothers, President-Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust)

“Kiran Multi Super Specialty Hospital is a non-profit organization. As part of this movement, we wanted an Indian brand, hence, Kich was our first choice. Kich fulfills vision of Make in India and has won National Award for Best Quality. We are really in high opinion about Kich,” said Mr. Laljibhai T. Patel, Trustee, Samast Patidar Aarogya Trust- Surat. (CMD-Dharmanandan Diamond Pvt. Ltd., President-Samast Patidar Samaj Trust-Surat)

“Kiran Hospital tends to witness high footfalls due to wide scope of specialty as well as for good cause of society. This aroused a need for outstanding product performance. When we came to know Kich architectural products perform as per global parameters and have passed many tests on various parameters of quality, we evaluated products. Today, we are extremely happy with our choice,” said Dr. Major Sanjeev Kumar Goswami, Medical Superintendent of Kiran Multi Super Speciality Hospital & Research Center – Surat.

“Being chosen for this public-welfare project is indeed a matter of a great pride for Kich. We are confident that Kich architectural products will satisfy various objectives of Kiran Hospital for which they have selected our brand. Forming such an advance hospital for public welfare is really the greatest noble act. I congratulate its Trustees and Hospital Management team extends bright wishes for success,” said Mr. Bharat Hapani, Managing Director of Kich Architectural Products.