Ozone Glass Clamping Patch

Ozone, a leading architectural hardware solution provider has efficaciously executed the DGU Structural glazing work for NBCC building, Nagpur. The double glazed unit in addition to letting natural light in restricts the heat transfer inside the building & prevents air conditioning loss; thus conserves energy. It reduces noise levels & act as a barrier to the outside world. The outside view is visible from inside but the interiors cannot be viewed from outside. Double Glazed Unit (DGU) facades are rarely executed in India due to its complex nature. Ozone's team of experienced engineers made it possible & easily executable. Ozone supplied DGU façade Spider Fittings with unique product specifications meeting structural specifications for integrity, safety & sustainability. Ozone offers unique Façade Spider Fittings in a series of designs which comes with & without fins that give an ultimate modern look to an architectural structure. These include standard as well as customized designs, all available with unique and attractive specifications for different usages. Ozone's technical team reviews the site, structural & application requirements & specifications; accordingly Spider & associated fittings are designed & customized; its team keeps close watch & follows up with project team till execution thus ensures the complete solution delivered.

Ozone also offers a wide range of designer Façade Spider Fittings crafted in metal sheet with forms inspired from nature, aimed at offering a whole new perspective and innovative approach to glass facades. Manufactured in Stainless Steel 304/316 grade, these Spiders Fittings are available as with & without fin type spiders giving a new age look to the modern facades.