DS Group – Corporate Museum

DS Group The Journey

Recently Mr. Behl has completed a project named 'The Journey – The Corporate Museum' for DS Group. It took around two and a half years to finally deliver what the client had procured in his imagination. This museum showcases, in its true spirit, the origination of DS Group, its struggling era, initial phase of establishment, the downfall, followed by rejuvenation of family members, revival of business, and re-incarnation of belief of the founder, Shri Satyapal Ji. It's actually the art of storytelling, which involves wide range of media and multi-media tools backed by context-driven strong narrative that has made the outcome truly an undulating one.

Project Brief & Concept
Initially, it looked quite a challenging goal to achieve but at the same time it was interesting too. The job was to re-establishing a corporate personality. Prime concern was to carry the client along and simultaneously transform a corporate history, which usually is boring, into an interesting correlation between the past and the contemporary to meet the needed objective of depicting a journey that still continues.

To create a manifestation of past with future, renowned Bollywood script writer, Mr Dilip Shukla – Damini and Dabangg fame, was roped in. According to Mr. Behl, the Design Habit team became the narrator, used 360o visualization surrounded by moving image, and tried creating a balance in between the predecessor and the contemporary to pass on the essence of learning to the successor. It was all possible because of the Team's multidisciplinary approach in integrating diverse fields of graphic design, lighting, architecture, multimedia, and new media for developing experiential space that is immersive, engaging, communicative, entertaining, and educational at the same time.

Design Habit considers itself a story teller using space as a medium to emote and provoke through messages and meanings. Much like storytellers who use prose, rhyme and song, we draw from a wide range of media. From traditional storytelling techniques, theatrical props and sets, dioramas, trompe l'oeil, film and audio, interactives, automation and multimedia, we create strong narratives with context-driven.

Making of the Corporate Museum
Having understood the DS Group's story, its origins, vision, and the available space, the message to be conveyed became clear as to how that might happen. There envisioned an immersive experience created through visual and experiential metaphors. The visitor enters a recreated world where history, the milestones of the organization, and the aspirations of all generations come together in a storyline that is dynamic and compelling.

Storytelling plays a pivotal role in the design. The story of the DS corporate group is told through compelling narratives by means of art and craft, digital and analogue technology, audiovisual and multimedia, all dynamically integrated for a powerful spatial experience.

An experiential museum, The Journey is an artistic representation of the Group's very essence and identity. The museum is divided in five sections, each unique in their treatments, experiences evoked and the technologies used. The museum covers the largest art and design palette possible, making it not just a visual delight but a complete immersive sensory experience.

DS Group
Dharampal Satyapal (DS) Group, the owner of the brands like Baba, Tulsi, Rajnigandha, Pass-Pass, Kachcha Aam, Catch, etc., is a rapidly growing multi-diversified conglomerate with a turnover of more than Rs.6,500 crores. Founded in the year 1929, DS Group has a strong presence in high growth sectors such as F&B, Hospitality, Mouth Fresheners, Tobacco, Packaging, Agro forestry, Rubber Thread, and Infrastructure. The Group has further strengthened its presence in the F&B category by entering into Dairy and Confectionary segments. As of now, the Group has more than 24 manufacturing units spread across Delhi, Noida, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, and Tripura. 'The Manu Maharani' – a super deluxe property in Nainital, 'Radisson Blu' – a five star Hotel in Guwahati, and Namah – a resort at Jim Corbett are a few names making the group's presence felt in the burgeoning hospitality sector.

The Company leverages its strength through dealer network expansion and upgradation of production facilities, while reviewing its commitment to quality, innovation and consumer satisfaction. For DS Group, a 'winning strategy at work' is the one that follows a well-defined procedure for product development and quality assurance, constantly innovating and improvising its manufacturing components, leading to the making of a perfect product.

Forest of Fragrances
The Forest of Fragrances is a metaphorical holding area before the timed shows start. The soul of the Group is flavours and fragrances, which are at the very core of the products produced by the Group. This magical forest focuses on eight main flavours and fragrances.

DS Group Corporate Museum
A conceptual holding area which takes visitors through an enchanted forest of eight fragrances all heightened by a haze filled atmosphere and an ambient soundtrack to establish the group's origins as sugandhis, perfumers.

The Journey
Depicting the bedrock of the business based on flavours and fragrances

Key Plan The Journey

The Office & Laboratory
A recreation of Satyapalji's lab and office, using objects from his actual lab and office – right from furniture to AC to even the tiny bottles of essences, and to the tools that belonged to him. With the assembling of all the objects, matching woodwork, flooring, and ceiling, the visitors are taken back in time and space to his actual lab and office. Two highly realistic mannequins make this experience even more magical. A large TV screen in the middle plays a video of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman welcoming the visitors to the museum.

Satyapalji The Journey
A glimpse into the space where the founder of the group worked, leading in from the forest is much like a theatrical recreation of the actual office and laboratory used by the founder, Shri Satyapalji. The furniture and props displayed are original items actually used by Satyapalji.

Chandni Chowk
A walk through where it all began

The Journey Chandni Chowk
The third section is a dramatic re-enactment of the Group's prime founder, Dharampalji's story. How a small trading enterprise becomes a large manufacturing concern which was carried forward by the pioneering efforts of his sons, Premchandji and Satyapalji.

Dharampal Premchand Chandni Chowk

Zone 1:
A timed and pre programmed show, this Zone captures the inspiring story from where the Group started back in 1929 from a small shop in Chandni Chowk, taking the visitors to the 70s - the era of the Group's flagship product 'Baba'. Dynamic sets with props recreated using archival materials, life size realistic cut outs, highly realistic mannequins, tromploeis, VFX, films and holographic projection, lighting conditions make the experience completely immersive. The poetic narrative interspersed with melodious music takes the visitors back in time, as they witness the legacy that the Group so preciously holds.

The 360° Corporate Experience
The DS Group's story
The Journey Corporate Museum
This section celebrates the dynamic spirit and growth of the group, with specific focus on the group's emphasis on quality, innovation and enterprise. A circular space with a central viewing area for the 360° cyclorama has 13 projectors beaming a film rich in computer graphics and a compelling song to create an amazing immersive experience.

Zone 2:
The 360° projected film or a cyclorama transports the visitors to a completely new world, the world of DS Group. The film is a combination of live shoot, computer generated images and special effects. A kinetic floor makes this a 4D experience. At certain points, sections of the screen open where projection is mapping along with a talking head, making Satyapalji actually come alive in front of the visitors' eyes.

The Journey Corporate Experience

DS Group Museum The Journey

"It has been a remarkable experience to recreate the fascinating Journey of our Founders culminating to the present profile of the group. Dramatic telling of the DS Group's story is made possible by using elements from theatre, film, sound and art to create a dynamic and stunning space along with modern technology of projection, rich computer graphics, life size talking mannequins etc. to make an inspiring and gripping show for the visitors." Mr. Shashank Surana

The Treasure Room
Jewels in the Crown
The Journey The Treasure Room
Like precious jewels displayed in glass cases, the Group's products are showcased in glass cubes, each designed uniquely just like their products. A modern streetscape emerges with the geometric placement of the cubes, giving a futuristic look and feel. The walk through is non-linear and not programmed.

Zone 3:
This zone acts as a brand showcase for the DS Group and highlights the story and USP of each brand. Informative yet artistically represented, the visitors get a well rounded sense of the Group's past, present, and future. The experience of 'The Journey', the facts and information don't overwhelm the visitors but leave them with a sense of calm, inspiration and pride in the human spirit.

The Journey Museum

"The journey is our tribute to our founders and their fascinating Journey of steadfast principles and unmatched business acumen. The journey that stared at the turn of millennium, spanned through the length of the entire 20th century. It has been a labour of love that has taken more than a decade to research the archives and to travel far and wide to collect the material and of course a delightful decade of meeting many people who were touched by the lives of Shri Dharampalji and Shri Satyapalji." Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman, DS Group