Architect: Oscar & Ponni Architects
Raghavan Complex

Nestled on the bustling TTK road in Chennai, is a stately elegant building that is a beautiful blend of contemporary Zen and organic architecture. The concept was an urban edifice designed with traditional elements such as a courtyard and contemporary green design. Each element was designed using natural materials and there is a clear integration of the outdoor space of the courtyard with each indoor architectural space. The clients are firm believers of nature and vastu and the design brief emphasised the need for integrating nature with every part of the living spaces.

Zen and Organic Architecture

Contemporary Architectural Design

The Raghavan building is a mixed use building that has a swanky I-Phone store on the ground floor and first floor level. The building also has residential apartments in the second and the third floor. The second floor houses the grandparents and grandchildren apartment and the third floor houses the sons and daughters' apartments.

Architectural design

Natural stone is an integral part of green design and the building is an example of how the ancient traditional materials can be used in any part of the exterior and interior of the house. The compound wall, exterior paving, indoor flooring, counters and elevation of the building is extensively clad by its 4 inches thick Sadarhalli grey granite especially hand-picked and transported from the Sadarhalli quarries of Karnataka.

Taking on the principle of Zen and the stone temple of karnak in Egypt, each stone member of the elevation is 15 feet high 4" thick granite monolithic blocks. This monolithic granite blocks are combined with natural wood fascia, steel and glass to form an elegant symphony of contemporary architectural design.

Green design

Exterior and Interior Design
The exterior and interior design is a union of the human habitat and nature. The double height staircase lobby has a beautiful mural of a tree. The granite cladded steps transfer one from the commercial sector of the building style up to the residential sector of the second floor and the third floor apartment. And the basement houses the car parking and engineering services of the building.

The entire building, both interiors and exteriors, is built of Indian granite and marble as well all furniture and furnishing sourced entirely from India. The interior furnishings and furniture are contemporary in nature, almost ascetic in style. The design is both low maintenance, cost effective and energy efficient.

The concept of the landscape is simplicity, tranquillity and grace and this effect is emphasized by the usage of grey granite, pebbles, wild grass and elegant shrubbery. The stone sculpture is designed along Zen principles also integrates a waterfall. The combined effect is one of a peaceful forest in an urban jungle