Global Education Centre

Global Education Centre

At a Glance
Project : Global Education Centre
Location : Mysore, India
Area : 337 acre
Achitect : Ar. Hafeez Contractor
The Infosys' Global Education Centre in Mysore is a vision of grandness brought to life with its sweeping, majestic dome and colonnades in Doric style. The design encompasses the values of this global company, the lifestyle of its users and its context in an ever-evolving campus.

Given its infrastructure and size of operations, Infosys' GEC is the largest corporate education centre in the world. Set on a sprawling 337-acre campus, Infosys' educational and training hub has the capacity to train over 14,000 people at the same time. It is, in essence, an inception centre to thousands of Infosians who hail from all walks of life, diverse nationalities and cultures. The architectural language for the GEC building was derived from an appreciation of classical tradition in architecture and arts. Its classical style is the culmination of the highest refinement of construction and it speaks of stability, longevity and strength – all the qualities that are the institution's core principles.

Global Education Centre Mysore

The imposing structure with lofty domes, tall pillars and spacious interiors brings to mind the grand Mysore palace with its dramatic three-storied stone structure made with fine granite and set amidst meticulously trimmed gardens with a profusion of delicately curved arches, bow-like canopies, magnificent bay windows and columns in varied styles. A large central courtyard formed by the curvilinear building wings marks the approach to the central entrance porch of GEC – II.

Curvilinear Building Wings

In terms of aesthetics the entrance porch is flanked by six Doric columns with a pediment raised by a high plinth. These main columns in the denticular Doric style have been designed and built according to the principle applied in the Doric orders of Vignola. Each column is 56-feet in height and 7-feet in diameter. There are 86 smaller Doric columns along the entire façade set above a solid ground-floor base. A central dome that holds the entire structure together is the most stunning feature of the building. It measures 65-feet in diameter with its pinnacle rising 195 feet above the ground.

Infosys Global Education Centre

The qualitative aspect pronounced by classical forms allows the transition of experiential spaces that is required for this institution. The entrance porch leads to two central spaces; one is circular and the other is an elliptical naturally lit space that gives the structure ample scope to conceal and reveal effects. This two-storey structure is set on a slope and includes two lower-ground areas that are connected to neighbouring blocks. The third-floor houses a library around the elliptical skylight. It measures 40,000 sq ft and is surrounded by terraces overlooking the ground floor lobby. A large, impressive meeting hall beneath the dome accommodates around 40 people and has a separate waiting lobby accessible from the library level. The lower ground-floor includes the concept centre with online classrooms, examination halls and other management and administration rooms surrounding it.

The facility boasts of several classrooms that can accommodate 100 people each and few halls that can hold up to 200 people each. There is a food-court that seats 1,550 people indoors and 250 people outdoors. Its stair court is a triple-height space architecturally treated with columns and arches with cast-iron railings at intervals. All in all, it's a grand concept that encourages visionary thinking brought together by a world-class company.