Water Droplet Resort

water droplet

Hi-tech and architecturally designed Water Droplet Resort not only contribute to the knowledge and culture of the coming generations, but also adds to the financial returns of its promoters and investors.

orlando de urrutia

Based on an innovative concept 'Water Droplet resort' is an architectural marvel that has been designed in the shape of water drop by Orlando De Urrutia. It is the first building of its type which converts air into water with the help of solar power. It sounds unbelievable or magic but is true! The concept to design the building is nothing but a combination of technology and nature.

Inspired by the form of a drop of water falling from the heights, the building is projected and thought to create conscience of the water. Designed for construction in warm and humid coasts, the Water Building Resort, will house an aquarium, Restaurant, Gyms, Hotel, Spa services, Convention Halls and Conference rooms. Moreover, the bottom floor of this resort complex will have a water treatment zone for purifying rain water and salty sea water and a technological investigation center to control and verify water quality. The building also incorporates a technology research center (Cidemco) which controlled certification of quality industrial products.

water droplet resort

The building design allows the integration of renewable energy uptake and energy optimization. The sun-facing facade is covered with photovoltaic crystals latest technology that allows transparency and energy to capture the electricity of the building.

The facade opposite the sun are shutters that allow air to enter which is conducted through the water producing equipment. The air passing through the central courtyard is speeding up and out the upper wind turbine, generating electricity for all teams abasteceder.

water drop

Water Building Resort, will be the first build in the world that transform the air into water, starting to obtain water from the air it seems to science fiction, however it is a reality thanks to new technology and modern TeexMicron incorporated in this building.

Water Drop by Orlando-De-Urrutia

Their production based on the condensation of the humidity that is in the air, its location in the water of the sea, add a big value regarding a bigger condensation. Allowing to take advantage of the night daily evaporation and condensation.

Water Resort

Moreover, Building Water Resort recycles water from rain and purging with marine desalination equipment incorporated in the base of the building. Water generators "TeexMicron" capable of producing 5,000 liters of water per volume of 21.17 m3 team, 48 people, for the calculations we use an average of 105 liters per person.