KHL Architects & Planners introduce Guangci Charity Park Social Housing, designed with the environment, sustainability, and community in mind, incorporates a thriving community into the middle of Taipei City.

Guangci Charity Park Social Housing

Fact File

Typology: Public Residential Project
Site Area: 63954.52 m2
Program: 27 Floors, 4 Basement levels
Total Floor Area: 66,310.4m2
Total Height: 92.4m
Photo credit: Lee Chien Ju Photography
Source: V2com

Responding to a housing shortage in Taipei city, the design offers 27-floors of public housing, with four basement levels addressing social needs and parking for residents and the neighborhood school district. Units range from single one-bedroom to three-bedrooms for families, with universally accessible units for people with special needs, including universally accessible design that takes into consideration furniture and the users daily activities. The project incorporates numerous social functions, including a social work agency, shops, etc, with a mismatch of volumes creating vertical public open spaces.

Guangci Charity Park Social Housing

Multiple sky gardens, views and leisure spaces are created, while mid-level open spaces cater to outdoor activities for children. The design provides the community with an urban green garden on multiple vertical levels, with the rooftop of the building offering panoramic views of the surroundings.

The project considers passive heating strategies with low e-glass and heat-resistant concrete to provide optimal temperatures for the living units, and incorporates energy recovery ventilation to provide clean, fresh air. The building reutilizes rainwater through a reclaimed-water system, not only for the benefit of the units, but also for the sky gardens and urban farming systems.

Guangci Charity Park Social Housing

Within a year of completion, the project became a model for social housing in Taiwan, where the community grows alongside the project with visible speed. The project has been awarded the highest sustainability certificate of Golden Label for both Green Building and Intelligent Building and has also received several Public Construction Awards.