Luc Plante architecture + design unveils The Footbridge, a new residence built as a blend of architecture and nature.

Fact File

Project: Residence
Location: Bolton-Est, Quebec
Area of site: 783 m2
Constructed area: 192 m2 (with 27.5 m2 gazebo)
Project start date: June 2020
Project end date: 2022
Photographer: Annie Fafard
Source: V2com

the Estrie region of Quebec’s Eastern Townships

Located in the mountainous landscape of the Estrie region of Quebec’s Eastern Townships, the property stands on a small plateau amid rolling hills, carefully positioned between two rocky massifs. The site has been deliberately left in its natural state, with the building occupying a minimal footprint in the forest and offering magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

The family home offers a harmonious interior enveloped in neutral tones. Each space is planned to leverage the most from its natural surroundings. Connected to the two hills that shape the landscape, the three-storey residence reaches out to a lush forest. The built-in gazebo counters the home’s imposing height, and the footbridge between floor and land enhances the effect. The building’s height is also broken up by changes in materials from one level to the next.

the Estrie region of Quebec’s Eastern Townships

The third storey forms a mezzanine, held aloft by beams supporting an exposed-wood floor. This level extends across the middle of the floor in a strong horizontal gesture that defines the kitchen space.

On the third floor, the line between indoor and outdoor becomes blurred. Raised above the bedrock, the living areas seem to extend into the mountain, while from the interior, each side of the house offers a different perspective. Facing east, the house appears to be built high into the trees, whereas facing west gives the feeling of being at ground level.

the Estrie region of Quebec’s Eastern Townships

Inside, the layout is simple and unobtrusive. Natural wood and sheet metal combine to create a clean, bright interior with a decidedly contemporary look. Each window has been placed to ensure that the outdoors remains a focal point. Designed with flexibility in mind, the structure can support an extension to the mezzanine floor to create two additional bedrooms and a family room should the need arise.