ENFORM Architects Photo credit: Lemay
With architecture by ENFORM Architects, and interior and exterior designs in association with transdisciplinary design firm Lemay, this project from Podium Developments has set its sights on staying ahead of the sustainability curve.

Combining high comfort with a zero-carbon design, 600 Princess is a unique project with climate-positive aspirations that demonstrate the future zero-carbon and urban intensification possibilities in living environments. Its ultra-efficient and progressive design is centered on the pedestrian experience.

Engineered to be conditioned by zero-carbon energy, and aiming for a CaGBC Zero Carbon Building Standard design certification, 600 Princess uses a mix of mechanical, electrical, and structural strategies to achieve its sustainability goals. These range from being conditioned with a geo-exchange heating and cooling heat pump system, decentralized heat recovery ventilation systems, and an envelope with very high thermal performance, all working synergistically to optimize energy consumption whilst improving thermal comfort and air quality inside.

At six storeys height, this 229-bedroom mixed-use residential project comprises 176 units, 150 sqm of retail space on the ground floor, with 5 live-work units (work and living space hybrids) ideal for start-ups and freelancers. The project creates an opportunity for residents and local businesses to live and work within their immediate community. The layouts are designed with future flexibility in mind; whether to address growing families or shifting housing market conditions, several units can be merged into larger ones as well.

Beyond its zero-carbon aims, the building is also designed for the health and wellness of its occupants and visitors as it targets a two-star Fitwel certification. With natural ventilation and light via operable windows and social and sports areas on its common roof—plus a unique dog-friendly courtyard—the project encourages activity. A pedestrian-forward concept, it has active access to the city that surrounds it with proximity to the downtown core, adjacent parks, a farmers’ market, and local shops and dining. The project includes facilities for walking or using its 179 interior bicycle parking spaces with interior bike ramps, with parking and electric charging stations.