SSAB India’s new office in Navi Mumbai, designed by modez consultant LLP has interior design elements made of steel, showcasing the company’s creativity and innovativeness in the use of steel as a building material

Fact File

Project: Office Design
Client: Swedish Steel (SSAB)
Location: Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai
Site Area: Approx 2000 sqft
Architect: modez consultants LLP
Category: Office Interiors
Civil Works, Electrical & HVAC: Benchmark Plus
Modular Furniture: Anub Furniture
Chairs & Loose Furniture: Amardeep
Completion Year: 2021

Swedish company SSAB is a global manufacturer of high-strength steel; its new office in Navi Mumbai is designed to reflect the spirit of the company. Located in a high-rise commercial building on the Palm Beach Road, it has a beautiful view of the Vashi creek. What makes the workplace impressive is that the office panels, screens, ceiling elements, and some custom designed furniture are all crafted from Hardox and Strenx Steel.

SSAB India's new office in Navi Mumbai

The open office layout with its minimalist design approach promotes collaborative working. The work desks are in linear configuration with low privacy screens. Linear lights above the desks provide the task lighting, while the glazing allows ample natural light into the office.

The brand colours (pink & blue) are balanced with an overall neutral scheme. The floor, ceiling and walls are kept basic and non-cosmetic to create a raw feel. A wall of the conference room is treated with steel plates with punches in the shape of SSAB arrow. Curved steel panels are used for the reception desk. The display area forms the nucleus and is visible from most areas. The partition walls are created with twisted strips of steel panels.

SSAB India's new office in Navi Mumbai

The office is a tangible proof of the workshop-friendly characteristics of steel, and showcases the potential of steel as a creative material. Since steel was cut, bent, punched, twisted, and shaped in different forms for the interior design applications, it demonstrates that SSAB steel is not only hard and tough but also flexible and easy to process.