Tropical Architecture Bureau incorporates various elements from the material spectrum to create a unique and varied experience

The naturally-lit and spacious studio makes for an appealing workspaceThe naturally-lit and spacious studio makes for an appealing workspace

Fact File
Project Name: The Breathing Office
Project location: Manjeri, Kerala
Client: Greenspark Infra Consultants
Category: Interior Design
Gross Built Area: 4000sqft
Architecture Firm: Tropical Architecture Bureau
Engineering: Greenspark
Landscape: Tropical Architecture Bureau
Completion: 2019
Lead Architect: Ar. Uvais K
Design Team: Ajmal, Subin, Rabeeh, Faiza, Aseeb, Amal
Photo credits: Prasanth Mohan, Running Studios

The technical details lie within simple, achievable and more importantly, economical limits such that it serves as a prototype which maximizes human energy and efficiency in the workplace

The Breathing OfficeVibrant furniture livens up the space

The architectural elements harmonize in warm tones of exposed finish of metal, cement and wood without becoming monotonous or visually strenuous by occasional vibrant spots of bright colours, large-leafed plants, glass partitions and graphic signage. There is generous placement of greenery and use of glass to admit ample daylight and create an apparent sense of large spatial scale and volumes.
Lead Architect Uvais K
Offices today are rooted in communication and coordination, and the users must be consciously aware of their spatial context while engaging in these functions. To that end, we have made use of unconventional and local materials and skilled labour for creating the interior spaces

Lead Architect Uvais K

The Breathing Office

Brick and concrete are the two major materials, which, left raw and uncovered with cladding or plaster, portrays the building in its skeletal form. The variation in textures of the different materials, creates an enriching spatial experience. One can see a range of colours in a unified palette, and experience the textures of the hard concrete, the ridged bricks, the granular mortar in-between, the smooth leathery leaves, the ribbed wooden surfaces, satiny metals, and the soft upholstery.

The Breathing Office