The River, Bangkok- An iconic landmark design by Hans Brouwer

Client:  Raimon Land
Location:  Bangkok Thailand
Area:  200,000 m2
Status:  Completed 2012

The River
At over 200'000 m2 of development, The River is one of Thailand's largest inner city developments, comprising twin towers of 72 and 44 stories thus making it also one of Bangkok's tallest structures. Designed by architect Hans Brouwer, this new iconic landmark affords a high degree of variation within nearly 1,000 residential units in terms of type, location, orientation and height.

In the Heart of City

The origins of great cities can always be traced back to their significant geographical landmarks. Like London, Paris and New York, Bangkok's history is inextricably linked to the river that flows through it, the Chao Phraya. It remains in many ways the pulse of this great city and continues to play a key role in the life and growth of Bangkok.

Modern international cities are seeing a rediscovery of the dynamic lifestyle associated with inner city living. Whether one is dealing with the Seine in Paris, the Thames in London or the Hudson in New York, these environments are offering the ability to live right in the heart of the city, whilst still enjoying the associations of waterfront living.

It is the unique setting of The River that distinguishes this project and sets it apart from any other in Bangkok. Located in a prime area of the city, opposite some of Bangkok's most prestigious addresses and commanding stunning views back towards the skyline, The River presents a unique challenge in terms of design.

When investigating the best design for the site a premium was placed on the ability to create an environment of space, privacy and luxury. Building position and orientation were extensively studied in order to ensure unobstructed views out from every unit. The Chao Phraya is not only an exciting and dynamic context for the development, but also provides an unprecedented level of privacy and exclusivity afforded by its over 200-metre width.

The River Exterior Evening

Architectural Aspects

The towers have been designed with a different architectural articulation for the two principal sides. A slick curved curtain wall on one side whereas a deliberately articulated series of "pigeon holes" on the other.

The River Large

The design of the apartments within The River is based on the belief that sophisticated end-users demand a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing their living environment. Units range in size from compact studios to the large duplex units with a plethora of living arrangements based on unit layout, floor level and the views afforded.

The River Exterior Evening

As part of the in-depth design process, the sitting of the building and orientation were extensively studied to create an environment of space, privacy and luxury with unobstructed views from every unit. Careful modulation of scale, articulation and detailing are reflections of a design philosophy that embraces intelligent, responsive design in turn reflected in both the interior planning and external appearance of the building.

The River Tower

The central core arrangement ensures that all main living and sleeping areas will enjoy prime, unobstructed views, and kitchens and bathrooms are typically open plan. A structural system employing long span, flat slabs coupled with a full height, floor to ceiling glazed facade gives rise to urban, highrise living at a previously unprecedented scale in Bangkok.

Architectural Articulation

The towers have been carefully sculpted and the elegant interplay of curved and orthogonal facades delineates different forms and emphasizes the vertical expression of the towers. The curved glazed wall of the taller tower is translucent by day and dramatically illuminated by night. The River, being a 265-metre-high masterpiece, won Best Luxury Condo development at the Thailand Property Awards.

the River Thialand