Mumbai-based Arjun Rathi Design, well known for its unique light collections that merge art, design, and function, has unveiled the latest series of lights - The Wanderer - an installation designed for a fine-dining Pan-Asian restaurant called Kembara, in Hyderabad.

Taking inspiration from the shapes of Pan-Asian food, the 42-meter-long lighting installation comprises over 300 hand-crafted wooden pieces using the Channapatna craft, combined with hand-blown glass, flowing through the volume of the restaurant. The installation forms the main focal point and lighting source to create a soft ambient dining experience.

Mumbai-based Arjun Rathi Design

Channapatna art form originates from the town of Channapatna in Karnataka. This traditional craft is known for its vibrant colors and exquisite designs, and is made entirely by hand using simple tools. The artisans who create these works of art use a unique technique that involves turning blocks of wood on a lathe, shaping them into delicate shapes, and then polishing them to a smooth finish. The wood used for Channapatna craft is typically sourced from the local area and is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Mumbai-based Arjun Rathi Design
As a studio, we aim to interpret space through the lens of lighting, design fixtures, and installations that can capture our imagination and inspire us in these spaces.

Arjun Rathi

The colors used in Channapatna craft are bright and eye-catching, and are made from natural dyes. The artisans use a technique known as lacquering to apply these colors to the wood, giving the finished products a glossy, polished appearance. The designs of Channapatna craft are often inspired by nature, with motifs such as flowers, birds, and animals adorning many of the pieces. These designs are carefully carved into the wood, creating intricate patterns that are both beautiful and unique.

Project Interior Designer: Atelier Padmini Pandey
Photo Credit: Arjun Rathi Design