FG Glass: Committed to Sustainability

FG Glass, one of India’s leading glass manufacturers with a rich history dating back to 2004. Over the years, the company has grown into a major player in architectural and security glass, fire safety, and other markets, offering a wide range of solutions.

FG Glass, one of India’s leading glass manufacturers
We take pride in offering an array of products, including bulletproof and blast shield glass, architectural glass, windshield solutions, and new-age digital tech glass.

Suhel Kachwala - Managing Director & Tariq Kachwala - Director

FG Glass, one of India’s leading glass manufacturers
FG Glass offers a portfolio of facades, interior, fire safety and security products and unique glass offerings in the digital creations vertical. The company has made significant strides in the development of the market for these critical products for human and occupant safety in buildings.

FG Glass is committed to sustainability in terms of its manufacturing practices, and on the supply side, the company ties up with partners and technologies to bring sustainable technologies to make buildings more sustainable. We use advanced machinery to process high-performance products.

Our aim is to drive the company in two directions: one is to ensure that all our systems and functions become sustainable and less dependent on fossil fuels and conventional forms of energy. The other is to equip the company with products that can drive the movement towards more sustainable architecture. We have therefore introduced products such as dynamic glasses and bird-friendly glasses, which reduce energy consumption and mitigate bird impacts. We continue to innovate and collaborate with market leaders globally to bring high-performing, and sustainable products to the market.
FG Glass, one of India’s leading glass manufacturers

The company has achieved ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems. Our clients include Facebook, CBI Headquarters, the President’s Museum in Delhi, military facilities, and other high-security locations.