Asumi Rawat
Interiors of a space is the depiction of one's personality. It is always a challenge to understand a client's personality and then to depict it in our own style based on our understanding. The challenge is to give the client what they truly aspire for, and if they don't know, then to guide them and get the best output in terms of colour and style.

My own signature style is simple. I like elegant clean-cut layouts. A home should look well finished. Storage must be given importance and it should be well camouflaged. I like to use different colours and combinations.

My all-time favourite interior materials are stone and wood, especially teak and oak. I use oak in a lot of my work as it is versatile and can be dyed or used in its original light colour, plus it gives an international feel to the place. My preferred stones are Michael Angelo marble, Satvario, Lasa marble, and Grigio, which is a beautiful faunish grey colour. I always use lustre paint on the walls as it can be cleaned and washed easily. I use it even in kitchen and bathroom ceilings. I also love to use mirrors in different types of frames.

Asumi Rawat, Creative Founder & Principal Architect, Asumi Rawat Design

Asumi Rawat Design Project

In this residence, the wall panel is a combination of wood and MDF with a coat of PU paint. The flooring is of Armani grey flooring. Heavy-duty and soundproof windows provide insulation against noise, heat and pollution. The panelled door in a combination of wood and plywood, is finished in white PU. Mirrors placed on wardrobes along the narrow passage add depth and a sense of spaciousness. Use of wood in the high center ceiling offsets the wooden flooring and gives the place more volume, while a monotone blue colour has been added in various ways to bring a sense of grandeur in the space.

Asumi Rawat Design Projects