Anish Motwani Associates deploys an unusual mix of materials, colours and art décor in this 2600 sq.ft, 4bhk apartment

Anish K Motwani

The idea was to break away from the regular by not having a defined style or pattern. So, all the interior spaces are different from each other, and as per the brief, we have created a ‘less maintenance’ apartment Principal Designer Anish K Motwani

From using Black Onyx, French Golden Italian Marble, Wood Finish Floor tiles, to marble flooring, and from veneers throughout, to uPVC windows, the apartment is an eclectic mix of materials, colours, and textures.

Living Room

Material Palette
Wood flooring: XYLOS
UPVC windows
Lights: Cona
Tile dealer: Mahavir
Italian Marble: Jainuine

Guest Room

The living room is a blend of modern and ethnic. It has a flooring of white statvario marble, offset by a play of coloured uphosltry. The sofa with its dark orangish color tone sourced from Sarita Handa and custom made by local craftsman. The dining table set in the 600 sq ft living area has Italian marble in the bottom and veneer with high gloss lamination on top.

Statvario marble flooring and wall cladding in the guest room, veneered wardrobe and tv unit in dark brown from the American walnut family; windows with wood finish sliding, and the wall behind the bed clad in imported wallpaper.


The entrance has an unusual mix of Italian onyx and veneer finish rafters on the ceiling to jazz it up

In the kitchen, statvario marble on floor and walls with 16 x 16 lazer-cut tiles and placed with white grouting.


The Mandir, made with Indian white marble and customised brass top, has a veneer paneling with small niches with brass bells hanging in them.

The bathroom in tones of beige and blue, and Spanish vintage flooring tiles offset by smooth textured beige tiles. A hanging blue light at the corner of the wash basin adds interest.