For this 800 sq.ft, two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai, designed by Traansformation Design Studio, a key challenge was to provide maximum storage while giving a sense of spaciousness and style

Smoked Teak Veneered PanelingThe smoked teak veneered paneling in the living room extends to the kitchen wall while a retro hanging light enhances the dining area.

The apartment is layered with a judicious mix of materials, extending onto furniture, furnishings and artwork, and made smart with motorized curtains and blinds and high-tech electrical gadgets. Intricate details in ceilings and wall paneling, handpicked accessories such as a rose gold mirror from Address Home, retro lights and hexagonal patterned wall lights, a wall mural etc, make the spaces uniquely different.

Door Dressed Up In Glossy Veneer

The balcony, refreshed with artificial grass, conceals a shoe unit and a duct window inside. Here, vintage wall lights add drama, while the ceiling dressed with Shera board panel makes the area appear plush. Flooring throughout the house is in Crema Vittoria sourced from Nitco Marble. The spaces are warm and cozy and designed keeping in mind the vaastu parameters with ample provision for natural light and ventilation. Angular lines, vibrant veneers, dressing units with inbuilt storage and wardrobes strike the right balance between practicality and stylishness.

Our favourite building materials…

Hiralal Vishwakarma
Lighting: Previously, lights were just a medium to light up the room but now a days it’s a vibrant tool to enhance the interiors. Philips lights are our favourite for LED panels due to the constant innovative technology, and The Whiteteak Company offers fascinating choices.

Flooring: Johnson tiles for flooring are the most dependable. The brand has a huge variety in size, color, texture and shape, which can be applied in residential, commercial, industrial or infrastructural projects. Nitco offers a wide range of natural and engineered marble that are stylish and durable.

Fenestration: Fenesta windows can give any room a face-lift. Not only do they look great but provide insulation against noise, dust, rain, pollution and rising energy costs, making them ideal for Indian living conditions. They are also easy to install and can be used to change the character of any room, extend it or bring in more light. Furnishing: D’decor fabrics and upholstery not only add glamour to interiors but their continuous efforts in bringing new colours, designs, weaves and finishes makes selection truly interesting.

Manjusha Shresth
Kitchens: Excellent quality and multi-faceted design attract us to Scavolini kitchens. Haffelle is our most preferred brand for fittings and accessories, while clever ideas and innovative technologies make Siemens appliances our top choice.

Air Conditioning: Mitsubishi Electric is challenged to create air conditioning systems that provide exemplary performance in different climatic conditions. The units are sophisticated and durable, delivering years of quiet operation, energy-efficiency, and minimum impact on the environment.

Interior paints: Asian Paints is undoubtedly the most trusted brand, while Oikos offers an infinite pool of colors, textures and special effects.

Principal Designers Hiralal Vishwakarma & Manjusha Shresth, Traansformation Design Studio

Every design decision has revolved around the family’s youngest one-year-old baby, so the details have been worked out very cautiously. All the furniture pieces have smooth rounded edges and cantilevered designs are avoided. The headboards are cushioned, and deliberate attempts have been made to make the apartment safe and secure, yet spunky.

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom the sliding wardrobe extends to form a TV unit giving the wall the required length, while a veneered ceiling with a Fanzart antique fan and shimmery wallpaper and headboard enhance another. The attached washroom is finished with white staturio tiles and complemented by Duravit sanitary fittings

Hidden Storage Spaces Kitchen

Hidden storage spaces, handless cabinets with Hafele fittings and accessories bring a sense of space in the kitchen