Light & Air

In the design of the Mallorca residential project, Askdeco demonstrates effective use of space that addresses functional requirements and comfort with elements of contemporary interior design

Askdeco Project

Mallorca is a 200m² multi-level bachelor penthouse apartment located in one of Beirut’s most vibrant districts, Ashrafieh, which epitomizes the resurgent vibe of a city, home to world-renowned fashion designers, art galleries, performing arts venues, bistros and cafés.

Askdeco InteriorPhoto credit: Alex Jeffries, Source: V2COM

In the penthouse, Askdeco has created an open, light-filled space with architectural alterations to expand the size of its windows. By adding floor-to-ceiling windows, there is more light and 360° views of the street below, while creative acoustics and lighting deliver a Zen-like ambiance as do the neutral colors seen in the Mediterranean grey-white marble walls and mute grey wood. A masculine scheme is seen in an abundance of metal finishes.

Askdeco Interior Stairs

Says Nisrine Nasr, co-founder and interior designer at Askdeco, "For this project, we converted a small studio into a three-level penthouse, providing a very modern and efficient living space overlooking a historic district."

Askdeco Kitchen

At the core of Mallorca’s design is the intricacy of its winding staircase, a transitional space connecting all three levels of the penthouse. Its sculpted design and mutating mesh mirror handrail finish add artistic purpose to its functionality, creating a multi-dimensional center-piece that blends outward with the spaces. Set between two fully glazed partitions, the staircase provides a sky-high illusion that further enhances the openness of the space.