Ar. Aditya Yamsanvar & Ar. Parish Kapse Partner & Director, Team One Architects

Ar Aditya Yamnasvar Ar Parish Kapse

Design philosophy for TOA changes as per the global standards and the market expectations.

Team One Architects is one of the most successful architecture design firms in corporate interiors. The directors of the company Ar. Parish Kapse and Ar. Aditya Yamsanwar have studied and worked overseas for couple of years before establishing Team One nearly over a decade ago. Their international experience brings in the good practice of International standards for Indian customers. Having completed over 20 lakh sq.ft of architectural construction and more than 50 lakh sq.ft of interior work, their growth has been supported by winning awards and also bagging competition projects.

Ar. Parish S Kapse who has completed his Architecture from JJ College of Architecture delivers one-of- a kind ideas to the clients. He is involved in constant alignment of client requirement to the practicality of design development and forming a route for the designs to walk and grow on, thus achieving path - breaking solutions to the most complex architectural problems. Besides this, his aptitude of designing green building and his international exposure enables him to give a vision to the company and also offer innovative solutions to the customers.

Ar Aditya, after completing his architecture from D.Y.Patil College of Architecture, did his masters from University of Arizona. Post to this Aditya worked with companie specializing in pharmaceuticals and corporate industry. Though he belonged to the architecture background as both his father and brother are renowned architects and this was the primary reason for his love for architecture. However, the urge and aspiration to create something one could touch and feel that stands the test of time and is admired by generations has fascinated him to enter into this world. "It is very satisfying to see one's creation take life; your ideas turn into reality" which Ar. Aditya believes is only possible in the world of architecture and design.

The duo sees Architecture as the fabric and reflection of the world and feels that the current advances in construction technology are helping architects push the boundaries of their imagination. "Today, tallest, largest and the most awe dropping projects are conceived all around the world and both governments and private companies understand the value and the brand that a building creates. Hence, expectations from the architects are to push the envelope and it's now more of architecture and engineering marvel."

Ar. Aditya informed that there is no definite design philosophy of TOA but for them it changes as per the global standards and the market expectations. "Our expertise lies in adopting the technology and providing the client with solutions ahead of our times. Creating memorable spaces for clients is our objective. Each of Team One Architects, projects is different and one can notice the change in design style to the kind of materials used."

Adding to this, Ar. Parish said "Team One has been working successfully in corporate interiors for the past 14 years and the next on our wish list is to take the quality of delivery of work at international level and be among the group of architects who are credited for the world's top iconic projects. Projects like these would survive for generations to come and this will bring pride to India and our company."

Reminiscing about the most defining moment, Ar. Parish said, "The day I completed my first project of a million sq.ft, I was feeling on cloud nine. It is the most memorable and special day for me. It took a lot of hardships, discussions, arguments and smiles to see the day. Today, seeing it stand and watching it every day on the drive brings a sense of pride and enhances the belief of why I became an architect."

For a successful life, Ar. Aditya feels that the mantra is 'to keep a right balance of work and personal life which is the first step towards a successful life. Being surrounded by people who are smarter than you is another one. Being humble and ready to learn new things from every cadre of person is another way for successful life.'