Ar. Gaurav Roy Choudhury Principal Architect, GRCA

Ar Gaurav Roy Choudhury

Redefining architecture through a process of re-invention and storytelling

"Our main aim has always been to articulate various movements that assimilate context, taking the project brief from the 'said' to the 'unsaid," says Ar.Gaurav Roy Choudhury, founder of Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects (GRCA), a young firm with experience in architecture, interior design, urban design, and housing projects. The practice strives to absorb all domains of influence and exposure, with the hopes of redefining honest architecture through a process of re-invention and storytelling. Its path lies in the understood, and its eyes on the unexplored.

Ar.Gaurav started the practice in 2007 with an idea to keep a balance of dreaming and achieving it. At GRCA, he always looks to strike this balance and create a culture of getting better with each project. He feels that breaking every brief, context into its constituents and then building it back again is important to achieve pragmatic design. "The idea that space narrates feel and experience is the most interesting part of design. And as architects, we can make people feel how we wish them to feel, through space, connect, and context."

He is of the view that Architecture needs to shelve all its ego and fast move towards holistic sensitivity, and benevolence. "The days of emblematic architecture are over. Architecture through space needs to engage and lead to shifts in perception of society. It needs to become more inclusive and universal as a language of metaphysical presence. Architects must resist superficiality and move towards the meaningful and dynamic," he suggests.

At GRCA, Ar.Gaurav follows the design philosophy of expression. He says, "Our growth as an architectural firm is in terms of how we are able to articulate our feelings, nurture our sensitivity to feel more and fuel our inquisitiveness to ask the relevant questions. We are prepared to deal with complexity without simplifying it and would always love to take any project that gives us a challenge."

"For each of the project," he says, "We get the inspirations from society, stories, narratives and also from normal lives. We do not go out looking for inspiration; we try to look for it within, by asking questions.

Further he adds, "Most importantly we believe in working on a limited number of projects at a time for making it more customized and unique." The firm belief of 'less is more' is congruent with the kind of practice it is today.

Giving his views on the mantras of a successful life, he says that the word 'Success' itself is questionable. "To me, it doesn't ever mean money or fame but my peace of mind, my energy, my thoughts and my dialogue with the life I live." He feels success is achieved when one pursues what make him feel happiest and fulfilled.

He recalls his excruciating struggle periods which taught him to believe in doing and made him feel alive and brimming with life. Today, GRCA after being a young firm with very little work, has gained a lot of recognition for the work it had done so far. The firm, under the leadership of Ar. Gaurav, hopes to do better work always and become an expert in creating elegant and welcoming spaces, be it residential, institutional or commercial work space.