Studio AVT: From Thought into Reality..

Ankita Sweety Pratyoosh Chandan
'Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt. Ltd (Studio AVT) is a National Award winning Architectural & Interior design firm which firmly believes in the uttermost importance of the space within and beyond rather than the built frame. Set up in 2009 by Architect Ankita Sweety & Pratyoosh Chandan, the studio has since then taken up and completed several Architectural and Interior projects of varied nature, scale and sizes. The firm's core effort to convert a thought into reality has consistently led it for pursuit of excellence.

Studio An-V-Thot Architects
According to the Design Consultancy firm, 'An-V-Thot' is a hybrid of two words, (anvit) Sanskrit & (thought) English. "Anvit" means followed by, so it is actually a studio followed by a thought, and as the name suggests, the firm is always eager to and strives to define its endeavors in a thought evolving and settling manner.

It is the firm's endeavor to design and develop an environment for storeys to take birth and remain, where true feelings are captured and felt with a sense of belonging, only to resonate through time. "We intend to breathe" is what the firm's motto is.

Born in 1985, Ankita Sweety is graduated with a distinction in her Architectural Degree from NIT Patna and during the course, also won numerous National and State level Design Contests of repute. She was associated with the leading design firms before starting her own studio.

Pratyoosh Chandan (D.O.B. 01.11.1984), the other partner, after graduating in Architectural Technology & Construction Management from Rai University, worked with an established firm in Delhi for three years wherein he led various design projects of diverse nature. He then went to UK to further pursue his architectural critique, from University of Brighton, UK. Thereafter he co-created Studio an-v-thot with Ankita to provide design solutions and won several awards and recognitions.