Architect Dieter Blocher, Blocher Blocher India

Dieter Blocher

"Architecture needs visions. It must fulfil its responsibility and serve the people. This is why aesthetics, functionality and sustainability determine our way of thinking." – Ar. Dieter Blocher.

Ethereal lights whiz over the facade. They bath the night in warm colours, sparkling like the millions of lights on Diwali. There's no doubt about it: Mondeal Square is a unique building ensemble in the 3.5 million city Ahmedabad, a witness of a new era which raises the epicenter of Gujarat on one level with other world metropolises. Responsible for the architecture was the internationally renowned office Blocher Blocher India. "Architecture," says International Chairman Dieter Blocher, "is always influencing the character of a city and, at the same time, an echo of a social movement. Some projects even have a guiding function besides their actual purpose. They stand for a departure, an evolution, a paradigm shift." Dieter Blocher is an architect by passion. His buildings always form a harmonious unit with their surrounding; at the same time they radiate self-confident individuality. A balancing act which the German architect early learned to master. After his studies in Germany and the USA, he gathered experience at different architecture firms. In 1989, he founded the office Blocher Blocher Partners in Stuttgart, Germany - together with his wife, an interior designer.

Epicenter of Gujarat

After a short time, the course towards the international reputation was set, thanks to the success at two huge architectural competitions – one for the new conception of an urban health quarter, the other for the modernization of one of Europe's most influential retail companies. As a consequence, first European jobs came in addition and then worldwide tasks. Until today, many clients from back then have remained faithful to Blocher Blocher Partners - which is by no means self-evident in such a hard-fought market. "The balance between consistency and innovation has made a long-lasting impression on our clients," explains Mr Blocher.

Today, the internationally renowned office employs 160 architects, interior designers, site managers, product designers, graphic designers, visual merchandisers, and journalists. Together with the subsidiary firms Blocher Blocher Shops and Blocher Blocher View, the group offers a wide range of services like brand development, monobrand concepts, corporate design, retail graphics, publishing or public relations.

Set off for new shores

The German office community answered to the growing requests from Asia with the foundation of a subsidiary firm in Delhi. Especially for the Indian clients it was important to have an office on location. So, Dieter Blocher founded Blocher Blocher India – together with Angela Kreutz who took over the management. The special competence of the office is the interlocking of structural design and interior design. The business activities involve all facets of design, reaching from building construction, façade design, site development and interior design. This holistic approach is hardly reached by any other architectural firm. "We are convinced, that such a one-stop concept is the best solution for companies, because all areas fit together like the parts of a puzzle", explains Dieter Blocher. To stay true to the own demands, the 12-headed team around Head-of Hartmut Wurster and CEO Angela Kreutz never stands still. "We are always up-to-date regarding current developments and trends. This is why we travel to the world's most interesting hotspots; to be close to the action," Mrs Kreutz says. Another secret of success: the architects and interior designers work closely with their clients, always deeply committed. "Architecture can set a statement. Not only by creative design but also by the detailed execution. We stand for both," explains Mrs Kreutz. Evidently a smart and successful strategy: quite recently, Blocher Blocher India has been awarded with the prestigious VM&RD Award. But the Indian office does not only convince juries. Companies and private persons from around the world also praise its competencies and abilities. Amongst the well-known Asian clients of Blocher Blocher India are Reid & Taylor, Central or Odel.

Additionally, the office develops and realizes concepts for the Future Group, SKNL and Adityabirla, to name a few.

2013 was another successful year for Blocher Blocher India. From all the thrilling projects of this year, one especially shines out: The Mondeal Retail Park. The architects provided the building ensemble with an absolutely original and beautiful façade.

Blocher Blocher India belongs among the successful architectural offices in India. But what are the plans for the future? The answer is simple: to be where the wishes of the customers are. "We will keep offering our clients the highest quality and sophisticated aesthetics," Dieter Blocher explains. "Furthermore, our journey through India has just begun. Sure enough there are many exciting tasks waiting for us."

Adding he says, "Life is a learning process. I personally can never stand still. This is why I want to further discover the diversity of cultures. During my travels through Asia and around the globe, I learned to see the world with different eyes. I experienced things from different angles which had a long-lasting and positive influence to me – for my professional work as much as for my private life. It may sound a bit cheesy but it is simply important for me to think outside the box."