Kausar Khanna

"Our every project has its own soul and its own approach. We are keeping abreast of the changes in our profession and exploring innovative ideas every day." Kausar Khanna

Founded in 2004 by Kausar Khanna and her team, Casa Diseno Architects is an avant-garde architectural firm, which emphasizes on the interdependent relationship between the natural and built environments and provides a full range of design services, including architectural design and Interior design of homes, commercial buildings, urban design, planning of community places, and sustainability.

Melrose Avenue Lucknow
Melrose Avenue Lucknow

The idea to start Casa Diseno hit the partners' mind when they were working together at 3D Max and Maya software and creating wonders. They soon realised that their team work shouldn't be limited to visualisation and hence they decided to establish their own firm. Things started taking shape in the year 2001 itself. In 2003 Kausar got the chance to work with Delhi's one of the biggest furnishing firm – Continental Furnishers where she was responsible for concept development of interiors. This was the turning point which gave an impetus to her dreams and in 2004 Casa Diseno came into existence where luckily she got chance to work with famous personalities like Mr. Mohit Gujaral on Radisson, Mr. Jaiswal for Shipra Suncity, and Kotharis for similar visualisations.

Independent Floors at TDI City
Independent Floors at TDI City

Samiah Residency Hardoi Road
Samiah Residency Lucknow

After working with these Architects especially on visualising facades and interiors, she decided to study further, and did an interior design course from Australia and Architecture from NIRM Bombay. "I call it freedom to follow the heart or simply the arrival of the artist embedded deep in my psyche. I believe that desire alone cannot ensure success in any creative endeavour, unless one has the required talents to pursue one's dreams." Kausar.

TDI Club Tivoli
TDI Club Tivoli
Hotel Baltimore London
Hotel Baltimore, London

Slowly, the firm's projects started getting public attentions & recognition and got lucky break to work upon group housing from the scratch – Melrose Avenue, Lucknow. Kausar shares, "A gradual rise that I myself notice is how when we are determined to move in a particular direction – we see people joining en route and the setup is formed. Now, today, I have a fine team of architects, engineers, and consultants to take care of the work. As a team we seek to set the stage for a lively creative exchange."

The firm Casa Diseno's spectrum of work spans across residential architecture, independent homes, group housings, clubs, restaurants and the feather in the crown is "A boutique hotel in Middlesbrough, London."

Residential Architecture
TDI Club Tivoli

Revealing her work style and approach towards projects she says, "When I am in close rendezvous with my work I get completely detached from the world and get into a strange trance and that's the time the soul gets connected to creative approach. Each project tells the story of how we as a team respond to a host of challenges with design solutions that have redefined our client's business and reshaped the world in which we live in."

She avers, "Our every project has its own soul and its own approach. We are keeping abreast of the changes in our profession and exploring innovative ideas every day."

Markets and Projects

Casa Diseno focused expertise in various markets includes:

Group Housing




Retail and commercial spaces

Work place

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