Architect Sunil Patil, SPA

Sunil Patil

"Architecture is a great responsibility to strike the right balance between human aspirations & our eco – system." Ar. Sunil Patil

Sunil Patil and Associates (SPA) is one of the leading Architectural consultancies. Accounting to SPA's credit it has designed more than 300 versatile projects across India which includes Residential & Commercial Complexes, Industrial Buildings, Institutional Blocks, Residential & Corporate Interiors, and Public Utility Places etc.

Ar. Sunil has been associated with building construction since his childhood as his family being in construction industry. He has a natural flair towards arts and as architecture being a creative part of construction industry; his interest towards it is natural which led him to opt for architecture as his profession.

For selecting Architecture as profession Ar Sunil says, "I was determined to become an Architect when I was in 7th standard & pursued my dream by joining a technical school where I learnt the basics of engineering drawings. Though I had a good knowledge of civil construction, I didn't have any background of Architectural profession and had to start my Architectural practice as a novice. I became an Architect in 1990 and established practice along with my then collogues in Kolhapur and Nanded. After completing few projects with them & gaining some experience in Architectural practice, I started my own firm "Sunil Patil & Associates (SPA)" in 1994 in Kolhapur."

Architectural Consultancies

Within a few years, SPA was recognized as creative Architects and acquired good reputation and won various regional and National Awards. Citing the need to have a base in a metro city due to having projects across India, I started another office in Pune in 2010 which has seen a fantastic growth since then. Currently, SPA has an enthusiastic team of 42 architects and designers.

What Architecture means to SPA? Ar. Sunil says, "Architecture is such a profession that every Architect irrespective of his or her talents gets an opportunity to create something and leaves his marks on the earth. This thought keeps me excited and allows me to go on and on."

"In Architecture one has to be very pragmatic and careful as it is not like other creative fields like, painting, photography or sculpting, where one has a liberty to go wrong and discard his creation. The Architects creation is an inhabited structure and has to warrant the function for which it is designed. I strongly believe that Architect has a great social responsibility as Architecture is such a profession that Architect's mistake affects not only the user but also affects the environment, the society & ultimately the earth."

In totality, "Architecture is a great responsibility to strike the right balance between human aspirations & our eco – system." We at Sunil Patil & Associates strongly believe that "Earth is our primary client. Any development on the Earth has to be in favor of the Earth." It has to be a conscious creation which will not adversely impact but protect our environment & Earth.

Mentioning about his design philosophy he further says, "We believe that the Architecture shall adhere to Time, Function & the Site. Every era has its own Architecture & every Architecture has its own era. Hence, it shall belong to the time in which it is built."

He is of the opinion that the Architecture is not just an artistic creation but it also has to function and the function has to be prime objective of any Architectural creation.

Contemporary Vernacular Architecture
Talking about his choice for building materials he informs, "Our stress at Sunil Patil & Associates is on using vernacular material in a contemporary style which we call "The Contemporary Vernacular Architecture."

Moreover, every space, that is created, has its own character. There is no standard formula to create space with desired character. Here, the creativity of the designer plays a vital role.

The Architecture shall respond to the site in terms of its geographical condition, climate & also the resources available around the site. The form responding to the site, climate & use of vernacular materials, is the solution to achieve sustainability in Architecture.

How architecture relates to nature? On this, Ar. Sunil responds, "By instinct, man likes to be with the nature. His body, his mind responds better to the nature than manmade spaces. There is nothing better than nature that relaxes the man. The Architecture that we create shall be as sensitive to the nature as our skin. We are trying to create spaces with the minimum intervention with the nature. The Architecture which is in- Harmony with the nature."

For being successful in life he asserts, 'Dreaming is first step towards success.' We, at SPA have a dream to have our presence all over the globe. Our goal is to make this world more sustainable and create awareness about protecting the planet earth through our work.