Architect Shubhashish Modi, Arris Architects

Subhashish Modi

"Architecture is one most meaningful expressions of one's gratitude to society. The spaces and forms that we create impact the lives of those around us. They inspire, enchant and please." Ar. Shubhashish Modi

With a focus on entertainment and leisure, Arris Architects was set up by Ar. Shubhashish Modi in 2004. As Principal Architect & Director of the firm, Ar. Modi brings his in depth understanding & application of concepts with valued insights to every project. Overseeing every project till its last detail and improvising at every stage in between, he drives the major impulse for every design initiation. Being Bachelor of Architecture, with honors from J. J. Institute, he has vast field experience of 15 years and foresight to regulate mall economics derived from his close associations with tenants, developers, and builders lobby. "My team is my pride" is what he truly believes in.

Arris Architectural practice follows the strategy of 'Involve-Evolve-Solve medium & method.' The firm specializes in creating Experiences… Designing public spaces, copious in scale and volume, at the same time giving importance to interiors and its allied elements, makes the approach people sensitive and program conscious. Balancing complex parameters and always evolving a step better each time, Arris has set itself high standards of conviction & self-satisfaction. It believes that design involvement is of paramount importance for a seamless transition of technology into design converging at a golden intersection of successful approach. Evolve over and above the brief by always re-inventing the space in terms of materials, attributes and concepts of design derivation. Using progressive software as medium to enhance probabilities of the upshot but relying more on intuitions & experience.

Quorum Raipur

Ar. Modi entered into the architectural and design world with a desire to create something that is unique, timeless and serves the community. He feels, "Architecture is one of the most meaningful expressions of once gratitude to society. The spaces and forms that we create impact the lives of those around us. They inspire, enchant and please. Moreover, architects creativity also gives a sense of belonging and a shared identity to residents and visitors of the city equally. The landmarks in a city like Gateway of India and Victoria memorial, are unique architectural expressions which have defined the city and inspired its citizens."

According to him, "Architecture is an ever evolving process. There are numerous challenges that architecture faces as it progresses as a whole. The way these challenges are tackled defines the language of architecture. Today, architecture is embracing even more pragmatics than ever before and thus one comes across such a varied platter of forms and thoughts. There are innumerable architectural styles today which have been developed with their own set of challenges, extensively worked upon by specialized tools if not thought process. Architecture came out from the era of mastering perfection and has become more adventurous and bold. Today, there is a huge tolerance to accept new ideas."

Jewel World by Arris Architects
Ar. Modi's design philosophy is minimalistic with simple lines and clutter-free spaces with no added ornamentation. He generally uses materials which are user-friendly and easy to maintain with a leaning towards natural elements and textures: Stone and wood are his preferred medium of expression.

His most admired project is 'The Angel High school at Hazaribaug. The inspiration behind this project is the tree of Knowledge which spreads its roots far and wide giving it a solid foundation, with extensive foliage which gives it protection from external elements and its abundant, rejuvenating and everlasting character which serves generations to come in their pursuit of learning and imparts meaning to their life.

Explaining about his most unique and recognized project, 'jewel world' at junction of the Kalbadevi Road and The Zhaveri Bazaar, Mumbai, he says, "I undertook it to convert a landmark commercial Building 'Cotton Exchange', (which had a rich history of being the Hub of the one-time flourishing cotton trade in Mumbai but had fallen in Disuse with the passage of time) into a centre of new trade namely Jewellery and Bullion, retaining the envelop but creating new spaces within which are warm and inviting, visually appealing rich in texture and inherently valuable provide right setting for the Jewellery Business. The objective of preserving the legacy, of enriching the life and providing livelihood to the community around has been successfully achieved.

But for him, the most memorable experience is of working on first full-scale Mall Project 'Fun Republic' in Lucknow, undertaken in 2004. The challenge was to create a form which would be visually striking, in a city with a rich historical and architectural legacy and to provide a public space for people to meet shop and interact in an environment which was friendly and daunting to appeal to all sections of society. The driving force behind the design was an effort to keep it relevant even after 10 yrs, in terms of its language and planning. It would not fall short of space or become out dated. The challenge was also to use a natural gradient of the land with minimum excavation to enhance the sense of discovering and keep the construction budget within limits. The continued success of the mall and its 100% occupancy even after 10 yrs, gives tremendous joy and satisfaction.

Ar. Modi is planning to design such a township project which is self-sustaining, in terms of energy need and resources and protective to environment. It would specially be planned for the community living with visually connected public spaces, to create forms which bind rather than alienate people.

The mantras which he follows for successful life are: 'Being sensitive to people; integrity in thought and action coupled with patience; perseverance and a sense of purpose."