Ar. Krupa Zubin & Ar. Zubin Zainuddin, ZZ Architects

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"The new age architecture is constantly evolving. It's a time when the Indian design scene is going through a paradigm shift. We want to be a part of changing the perception of India as a creative and global hub for quality projects and design."----Ar. Krupa Zubin & Ar. Zubin Zainuddin, ZZ Architects

ZZ Architects is recognized as a firm creating a global reputation for high quality architectural and interior design projects. Although a majority of the firm's portfolio involves high end bungalows and villas, ZZ Architects also has an extensive array of work across varying categories such as Master planning, Residential high-rises, educational institutions, healthcare, hospitality, corporate interiors, office buildings, clubhouses, weekend homes, and retail spaces.

Ar. Krupa Zubin was enamored by the creative world of design since her early age and decided to pursue Architecture. After completing her studies at Pillai college of Architecture, Mumbai, she worked as an intern with Sanjay Puri Architects and was exposed to a variety of large-scale projects. Whereas for Ar. Zubin Zainuddin, Architecture has always been something, which is very close to him even when he was in 9th standard and wanted to be an architect. He has done his graduation from Bharati Vidyapeeth college of Architecture, Mumbai, and worked with Ar. Hafeez Contractor, Saboo Francis, and Alfaz Miller. After completing a short but eventful stint with the leading firms, both Ar. Krupa and Ar. Zainuddin joined hands and decided to start their own venture and that's how ZZ Architects was born in 2002.

The architect partners had a clear vision of what they wanted from their practice: to be one of the premium design studios in the country. ZZ Architects started out as a two member firm; today, it's a design practice that involves over 50 passionate architects and designers. Considering the practice handles well above 50 projects in a year, both Ar.Krupa and Ar. Zainuddin have ensured that an effective system is set to facilitate project deliveries. A well structured and efficiently equipped design studio helps ZZ Architects to constantly deliver creative work at its highest potential. The studio has earned a reputation of being one of the finest architectural design studious in the city and is a vibrant hub for creativity.

Known for the experimentation with high end material and finishes, the firm has clearly set its path to be among the top global design practices. According to the Principal architects, "Attention to detail, design longevity and satisfaction of completing the project is what drives our practice. Over the past few years, we have consciously realized the importance of the quality of the projects that we deliver. We want it to be rated on a global platform and also want our projects to stand the test of time".

The multidisciplinary and multi award winning firm believes in breaking existing boundaries in architecture and design with its high quality driven projects. 'It's often the invisible nuances that make the visible difference'. Ar. Krupa and Ar. Zainuddin had framed a quote 'Every Detail Counts' in their office since they started a decade ago and is still close to the firm's principal approach.

The architects take inspiration from Art, Food, Fashion, Graphic, Cinema, Product Design, Literature and Travel. They believe in traveling across the world and integrating global advancements and technologies into their projects. They believe that 'Inspiration is in the constant intervention and influence of technology, art and the evolving design in our everyday life at a global level. An open mindedness towards variety of cultures around the world and our inherent design instinct leads to innovation'.

The firm ZZ Architects has become known for designing projects of exceptional materials and quality, with a strong conceptual basis derived from the specific needs and aspirations of each client. The architects believe, "It's important to reinvent ourselves with every project. We strongly believe in personalizing and evolving our style. We are very particular about material language and final fit and finish. Every small detail adds up in a project. We believe that design cannot be left to chance."

ZZ Architects doesn't resist change and this is clearly obvious from the variety of work the firm is involved in. The practice believes in understanding the needs of today and exploring the advancements and possibilities at a global level. The increasingly high profile client list is the testimonial to the quality of work the firm has been continuously delivering.

ZZ Architects Suart Hotel
With over 10 years of experience in the field of architecture and design, ZZ Architects has many reputed projects and clients to its credit. It has completed over 500 projects across key cities in India and Abroad. The company's portfolio is an impressive litany of Indian companies and renowned personalities in the realm of Hospitality, Retail, Commercial, Entertainment, Residential and Education. ZZ Architects has executed one of the first paperless hospitals known as 'Vikram Hospital' in Bengaluru, India. Design of 'Classic Marble Company, at Silvassa is the benchmark in the category. The firm has also completed corporate spaces for companies like Nirmal Bang, Sterling Developers, Emkay, HI Media, Ekta Group, Kalpataru and Trends pharmaceuticals to name a few. Apart from high end luxury bungalows, weekend homes and apartments for its private clients, ZZ Architects is currently involved in a lot of institutional work and is designing educational institutions in Mumbai, Jodhpur and Hyderabad. The increasingly high profile client list is testimonial to the quality of work the firm has been continuously delivering.

ZZ Architects' built work has won the company much academic and public acclaim from various leading periodicals and prestigious bodies such as Indian Institute of Architects, CNBC CRISIL real estate award, Economic Times Ace tech award, IIID M.K award, Indian Hospitality Excellence, Era Fame awards, Society Interiors award for 'Design Firm of the Future'. Ar Zubin has been awarded as first generation 'Path Breaking Entrepreneur' from BNI Alpha chapter. The firm also got nominations in 3 categories in the 'International Design and Architecture Awards 2013'. Recently, the firm has also won the 'Best Architect' award at the very first Good Homes Awards.

Ar. Krupa and Ar. Zubin desire their firm to be a part of changing the perception of India as a creative and global hub for quality projects and design. They say, "The new age architecture is constantly evolving. It's a time when the Indian design scene is going through a paradigm shift. There is a fusion of different styles and there is a reality between concept and execution. It's a competitive market with high deliverables. With the growing infrastructure development and the number of ongoing construction projects, there is a lot of positive change one can expect from India".