Jimmy Mistry, Della Tecnica Group An Architect by Passion not by Qualification

Jimmy Mistry

'My Designs Are Mostly Inspirational As I Believe To Learn From Anyone Anywhere' Mr. Jimmy Mistry

Who thought that a passionate biker would one day become a famous architect and designer? But it has come true with Jimmy Mistry who although was a big lover of bikes but then also ventured into the space of architecture and design and today, is well recognized in the sector. He himself used to say 'I didn't get into the business of architectural and design but the business got into me. The only thing I have done is that just combined my mechanical engineering qualification to the passion of designing in architecture and seeing a concept taking shape in reality gives lot of satisfaction and happiness. The hunger for innovation and unsinkable passion for something new is fuelling me constantly to keep thinking.'

Mr. Mistry started his career by doing some contracting jobs and executing projects. But the turning point of his life came while working with an Italian design firm as an importer, which gave him abundance of experience and real understanding of building materials, executions, design and layout. It was the same time when he also realized that India deserves a meeting, holiday and adventure option that was equal to any of the best in the world and was a source of good, clean, quality enjoyment.

Della Resorts Villas

With a view to bring a world-class level of architecture and interior design in the infrastructure of the country, he decided to enter into this field by doing turnkey projects. In 1996, he founded Della Tecnica firm and offers an unparalleled breadth of services in Architecture, Master Planning, Interior Design, Furniture, Real Estate, Adventure, Resorts and Banquets with the talented and experienced professionals. Within a span of short period, the firm has made its mark among top architectural ones in India because of constant endeavor to create something innovative and yet highly functional and sustainable at the same time.

Mr. Mistry possesses a vibrant vision, a zest for innovation and a commitment to sustainability. His all designs are done with a passion, purpose, sensitivity and humility, thus strive to create unique, inspirational, and path breaking structures and landmarks that stand the test of time. His passion for architecture & design and visionary gets reflected in his every project.

He believes that it is not necessary to get a degree from an elite institute to set benchmarks in design but the vital element is your dedication and passion towards works. He is of the opinion that it is not imperative that you always try to experiment something new but researching on other works and come up with new concepts, is also most of the time work excellent. "My designs are mostly inspirational as I believe to learn from anyone anywhere. My only philosophy is that 'your design should always impact human life positively.' Our creation should build for betterment and to improve the users' experience."

Della Tecnica Group

Being a follower of Parsi philosophy and having a great love for green and sustainability, he emphasizes on the important elements such as stone, plant, water, and fire in his design. He believes that if you are respecting the environment, by default your projects will become green.

Mr. Mistry is a big fan of Ar B.V Doshi, Ar Karan Grover, and Ar Hafeez Contractor and feels that only few people are there who work just to contribute. Giving his viewpoint on the huge population of India and providing accommodation to all, he asserted that as high-rise buildings are demand of the hours so we should go for vertical construction, keeping in mind open space environment which is only possible when infrastructure and buildings will go hand in hand.

Looking quite worried for the prospects of Indian architects with the entrance and involvement of international architects in the mega projects of the country, he says, "I don't have doubt on the talent of Indian architects and designers and also not worried with the competition and challenges but my only concern is that when overseas architects can institute their offices in different countries and think for expansion then why we Indians are so slow in expanding even in different parts of our country? There are very few Indian architects, today, who have offices in different zones of the country while most are just confined to their region." He questioned that 'When we have ability and creativity then why are we giving chance to other to take our position in our country?'

He asseverates that it's not that difficult to get the success as one will only have to expand its ambit and require a skilled team. For this, just you need the appetite to translate your skill and dream.

Mr. Mistry, a man of high creativity believes that hard work always pay. Unveiling his next step and plan he says "My deep and passionate love for design is not possible to mention in words so just wait my potential is yet to come. I am etching to work on the larger canvas."