Ar. Prem Nath, Principal Architect, M/s Prem Nath & Associates

Architect Prem Nath

"An architect in today's scenario is both an artist and an Engineer, who must combine knowledge of design and construction with the available resources in labor techniques and materials to produce a harmonious and functional work. He should foresee the changes anticipated with time and act upon it, to benefit society and promote excellence in the profession for a better World."Ar. Prem Nath

Architect Prem Nath is nothing but young at heart. His age belies his enthusiasm and passion to think ahead of his time. Though, today, he is recognized as one of the top ten architect of India but his journey was challenging and struggling in the initial stage. But his hard work and patience paid him back today with lot of recognitions and fames.

Since, he belongs to a poor family so he has been earning for his livelihood and school fees from very young age. He used to sell newspaper in the morning and attend afternoon classes. After completing his diploma from Sir J. J. College of Architecture in 1965, he started his career as an interior designer and used to work hard for 18-20 hours a day.

Although he started getting recognition after his college project got appreciations during an exhibition which later also brought lot of opportunities for him and paved way to success. He was invited by Ar Stein to work with him but he preferred to stay in Mumbai and opened his own firm Prem Nath & Associates in 1967. The firm, today, is well-known as PNA, a 'Total Design Group' with an infrastructure, able to handle complete assignments, from the stage of Planning, Designing, and Service Co-ordination up to completion of the Project.

This Mumbai based 'Complete Design Organization', has professional practice in Architecture & Interior Designing including Project Management Consultancy (PMC), MEP Services all over India. The firm has offices in Mumbai, New-Delhi, Kolkata as well as presence in Hyderabad.

On his entrance in the architectural and design work, Prem Nath says, "I was introduced to architecture by destiny as I was bad in English but good at sketching. Due to my bad English I could not work as typist or clerk and had to settle as a blue printing boy in an engineering firm. There I was encouraged to develop my talent in drawing and become a draftsman. So I joined JJ school of architecture in Mumbai."

Ar. Prem Nath is also a chartered engineer, certified valuer and a real estate appraiser and one of the few people in India to have ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) certificate to practice in USA. He is broadly experienced in Eco-friendly and energy efficient Building Architecture & is a member of U.S Green Building Council & IGBC. Hence, the 'Green Norms' are followed in most of his projects.

Prem Nath believes that "The Architect today is both an artist and an engineer, who must combine knowledge of design and construction and of the available resources in labor techniques and materials to produce a harmonious and functional work."

His design philosophy is 'Stay ahead of time.' He puts in, "Nothing comes readymade in life but we have to take inspirations from various people in our life. I have been inspired and stimulated by works of many other designers, which help me to get a cue or an idea to create my own individualistic work. In my journey as an architect, I have continued to learn and grow as a designer. I found fault with some of my previous works but I didn't feel bad or shy as I believe that through our mistakes we learn a lot of good things. I am still working at bettering myself and my works."

Sharing his views about the current architectural trends, he says, "In the contemporary age, the scope of architecture is vast. When I started practicing architecture, the scenario was quite different from now, the profession was limited, scale was very diminutive, resources was inadequate, at that time pen & ink was the architecture. In the Evolution of last decade, there has been a glut of designers, manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, international clients, causing the shift more towards commercialization. There is an ocean of changes in availability of resources from overseas countries, from materials to finishes. Designing is no more detailing all the parts, now it is setting up of resources available and assembling them. Now, architecture is getting smarter day-by-day as we are using Hi-Tech solutions.

'Golden Palms' is one of his most unique and recognized projects and also first of its kind in India. The idea behind the project was to design and build 'the only Health Resort and Spa with comprehensively designed and integrated set up having blend of numerous oriental and international style facilities and programmes from basic diagnostic check up, stress reduction, physical treatments, including beauty and cosmetic centers, and body enhancement facilities.' For this project, he has also received award of "Best Hospitality Design Excellence".

For him, the most memorable project and experience is the Countries' 1st fast-track I.T. Building with a total construction area of about 130,000 Sqft. He informs that this project stands out as a prime example of fast - track conceptualization and execution of large scale project. The entire project was completed in a record time of eight months from the initial concept to handing over. Innovative techniques of construction were applied to achieve this goal. Latest path breaking technologies were put into the picture. The building orientation and external cladding material helps in cutting down the heat load so that the structure is energy – efficient.

Bhakti Park Complex Residential Buildings Design Exterior

Ar. Prem Nath believes that there is no key for Success. Success is never full and it will be foolish to think about it as it is just a result of overcoming many failures. His mantra for life is simply, "to do my best and go a step further in my services of design to build simply beautiful architecture." He never believes in making plans and to chase any goal. He has only one vision i.e 'To foresee the changes anticipated with time and act upon it, to benefit society and promote excellence in the profession for a better World.'

For him, 'Architecture means passion' and he believes that an architect is a creator and it is a part of his duty to think ahead of times. He should know everything that affects different cultures, traditions, trends, people and their behavior and new technologies."

Ar. Prem Nath has won array of recognitions, the recent being "Life Time Achievement Award in Architecture" by NDTV Profit, CNBC Awaaz CRISIL Award for "High End Interiors' and IADF Achiever's Award besides many more.