Studio Symbiosis is an architectural practice with focus on creating spaces that exist in equilibrium with their surroundings.

Ar Amit Gupta Britta Knobel Gupta
The architectural firm 'Studio Symbiosis' was founded by the Architect partners Amit Gupta and Britta Knobel Gupta who have done their masters in Architecture and urbanism from the prestigious Architectural Association London, and have also worked for Zaha Hadid Architects for a period of 5 years, where they were involved in a number of award winning projects at the office. Later on, the duo decided to start their own practice in India and finally in 2010, they came up with a design firm known as Studio Symbiosis which in a very short span of time got renowned across the country and has won various accolades and recognitions. The firm has been involved in varied ranges of projects including villas, hotels, sports city, Masterplan and other projects of various scales.

Defining the term 'symbiosis' the firm said, "Elements of program, site, context, landscape and climate are studied and interfaced, thereby resulting in the amalgamation of these design considerations in one coherent design and resonating the term "symbiosis" in the design."

According to the firm, "In nature through the process of self-organization intrinsic patterns emerge. It is a system of inclusion of complexity as opposed to the system of exclusion. Instead of discarding information and creating a reduced whole, we like to integrate the complexity in the design, following the principal of inclusion, thereby resulting in an amalgamated design with a high level of sophistication."

Jajmau Master plan Night View

Digital tools along with local construction knowledge are embedded in the design. With most of the projects based in India, it is very critical to understand the local construction techniques which enable us to deliver a robust final project. A research based collaborative approach is employed by our office whereby analogue models and prototypes are critical in development of the designs.

Real life phenomenon such as sun path diagrams, wind patterns, topographical levels, etc are studied both digitally and physically to instigate a design process where the overall form presents an optimum solution. This is an inherent part of the design process whereby a feedback loop is established that constantly updates the formal language of the project thereby embedding environmental sustainability in the form itself. India faces the extremes of climates in most places and for this reason, it is important to utilize these natural resources by making them work alongside the design.

Studio Symbiosis' projects have been widely published and the office has won a number of awards. Studio Symbiosis is involved in high profile projects that have been presented to Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, C.M Akhilesh Yadav and MP of the Allahabad Constituency Rewati Raman Singh.

Hilton Ahmedabad, Trans Ganga Master plan, Kanpur Riverfront Redevelopment, Allahabad Master Plan are few of the firms' key projects that are under construction, along with various other key projects at planning stage including Taj Ahmedabad, Taj Jodhpur, Mundra Hotel and service Apartments.