Somaya & Kalappa Consultants
There is no doubt that today, for various reasons, our influence on society as architects instead of increasing is actually decreasing in many ways. We have to broaden our role to affect positive change. Architects have a vital role in shaping our environments and need to go beyond the design of individual buildings. We have to establish systems and principles for the growth and organisation of our cities and our environment.

In addition, we believe that if we want future generations to have a link with their cultural and historic roots, it is imperative that we preserve the physical heritage of the past. If that link is lost, people will lose their sense of identity, their national pride, and finally their self-esteem.

Architects have a vital role in shaping our environments

The change around the building industry is palpable. The isolation of the 70’s and the recession of the 90’s are behind us in many ways. Today, with technology and global connections, Indian architects have access to the latest materials and innovations from around the world. We must use them wisely as we also need to build a sustainable future.