Interior Designer, Temple Town
Interior designers can play a significant role in promoting responsible and sustainable design practices and help drive the shift towards environmentally conscious design.

Meera Pyarelal - Founder & Interior Designer, Temple Town

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the field of architecture and design. There is a growing emphasis on responsible and sustainable design practices that prioritize environmental protection.

At Temple Town, our sustainable projects achieve economic and environmental benefits by reducing costs and contributing to environmental conservation. We are incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable elements in our projects, which also achieve cost savings through use of energy-efficient solutions like LED lighting, HVAC systems, and solar panels. Reusing and recycling construction materials reduce disposal costs, while preserving natural resources. Water conservation strategies like rainwater harvesting and water-efficient fixtures save significant water costs.

Temple Town, our sustainable projects

We integrate elements that promote health and well-being, minimize environmental impact, and enhance users’ experience. We use RE/UP items, certified wood, low flow water fixtures, and low-impact products, to create stunning spaces.