Founder & Architects, 42MM
Our aim is to use sustainably produced and sourced building materials and products to create eco-friendly interiors that resonate with nature.

Rudraksh Charan & Priyanka Khanna - Founder & Architects, 42MM

Individuals who adopt eco-friendly and sustainable measures will meet their desire for spaces that connect with nature through gardens and terraces, which will help them unwind, and enjoy a less stressful life, along with higher productivity and a holistic well-being.

Adequate use of renewable resources such as natural light, plants, and use of natural and recycled products such as reclaimed wood, cork, ceramic etc. can accentuate the spatial quality and visual appeal of interiors. Spaces can be accessorized by revamping old furniture, creating art from scraps and locally sourced antiques. Energy efficient lighting fixtures, double glazed windows, and automation can optimize energy consumption in homes, while smart faucets and fittings reduce water consumption.

sourced building materials and products

We are using many eco-friendly products and materials in our projects like reclaimed wood, cork, AAC blocks etc. We believe in using materials in their natural state, be it wood or concrete, and allow it to age with time, creating a characteristic of its own. This helps our building become eco-friendly while creating an evergreen aesthetic appearance.

We are most likely to see a convergence of the vernacular building techniques with advanced technology. For example, a series of modular walls with inbuilt piping and electrical points that complete the circuit when plugged in together in different formats as required by the user would form the backbone of future construction. This will enable multivalent use of space and an easy way to change the configuration while optimizing functionality. Breathe-able walls that would provide insulation and control humidity and odour. These porous osmosis walls will ensure a controlled transfer of moisture and odour in the indoor air.