Sustainable and eco-friendly – the current buzzwords in the AEC Industry - are being used interchangeably, intermittently, and endlessly. What’s encouraging is that (going by the figures projected by industry reports on Real Estate developments), the concepts are finding increasing acceptance and implementation across residential, commercial, institutional, and even infra and industrial projects.

Architects, Engineers, and Construction (AEC) professionals are integrating their areas of specialization and collaborating on projects - from the design stage to execution and completion - to deliver sustainable projects.

Architects, Engineers, and Construction (AEC)

In fact, the idea of developing ‘green’ projects is being driven by all the stakeholders – architects, interior designers, builders, buyers, investors, planners, project financiers, and building material manufacturers and suppliers. Many state governments are also offering incentives to developers incorporating eco-friendly measures, materials, and methods.

In this issue, we bring together all the stakeholders to throw light on what Green Projects entail, their health and social benefits for the occupants, their upfront higher cost, and increased resale value. The topic on Sustainable Architecture & Design may have been reiterated time and again, but the Architects, Interiors Designers, Real Estate Developers, and Building Material Suppliers, whom we interacted with, were more than willing to share their views and personal experiences in adopting/promoting eco-friendly products and construction techniques in order to limit their carbon footprint.

We hope that our readers will gain important insights on what constitutes eco-friendly design features and materials that go into making buildings and structures more sustainable for the long-term.

Team MGS Architecture