Residential and commercial projects
Sustainable, green projects may seem expensive to build, but their overall reduced maintenance cost and the returns on saved energy over the years make them a financially viable option.

Sneha Gurjar - Director, CEM Engineers

Residential and commercial projects make up the majority of the built infrastructure and directly affect the users since they spend most of their time inside them. Sustainable projects not only improve user’s health but also have minimum impact on the environment.

Sustainable projects are mainly characterized by less energy consumption, less environmental negative impact, and use of renewable energy. Today, as sustainability has become more of a necessity than a growing trend, multiple cost-effective and sustainable alternative architectural elements have become available in the market.

Residential and commercial projects

At CEM, we approach every project with a sustainability perspective, integrating green practices in every project step, from inception to completion. Drawing from a rich legacy of advanced research and innovation to create sustainable and durable projects, we operate to contribute to India’s broad construction landscape significantly. Our work ethic resonates with working towards a sustainable, equitable and secure infrastructural future and imagineering better cities for rapidly changing urban environments.

Sustainability is one of the core concepts that drive the design of the project and is a response to the climatic and natural conditions of the region. Using passive techniques such as planning the orientation of the building based on site and climate analysis can help save a large amount of HVAC energy consumption. In addition, reusing construction waste, preserving the greenery on the site, using renewable sources of energy and sourcing local materials for construction, are some green measures that we ensure in our projects.