adopting energy-efficient solutions
Emphasising sustainability in the design philosophy and decision-making will contribute to economic, environmental, and social benefits of a project.

Ajay Arya - Founder & Interior Designer, A Square Designs

Sustainable projects can achieve significant savings in operational costs such as energy consumption, water usage, maintenance, and disposal costs, by adopting energy-efficient solutions, water and waste management practices, and sustainable materials. In addition, significant savings can be generated by emphasising sustainability in the design philosophy and decision-making, ultimately contributing to economic, environmental, and social benefits.

adopting energy-efficient solutions

A Square Designs recognises that our planet’s limited resources need to be preserved through responsible and sustainable design practices. Therefore, our projects actively integrate eco-friendly elements and products to reduce energy consumption, minimise environmental impact, and promote well-being of the occupants. We focus on passive solar design principles in our projects to ensure optimal use of natural resources such as sunlight, fresh air, and landscaping. We also understand the importance of energy efficiency and utilise technologies like energy-efficient lighting systems and appliances that reduce carbon emissions and energy costs.

Our projects’ eco-friendly elements and products provide efficient and optimally beautiful and functional spaces, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. We use materials that minimise environmental impact such as certified sustainable woods, recycled and natural materials, and low-impact and non-toxic products. We aim to conserve water by utilising low-flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting, and grey-water recycling systems to help clients save on water usage and overhead costs.