Rohit Suraj, Founder & CEO, Urban Zen

Rohit Suraj, Founder & CEO, Urban Zen
Material selection is a crucial part of the design process and also depends on the client’s likes and expectations to a large extent. While choosing a material to work with, its intrinsic physical characteristics and experiential qualities are always the best parameters to keep in mind.

One of the materials I often enjoy using is Rectified Concrete. A very durable material, it is perfect for busy open plan areas. The light shade of its finish also makes it perfect for areas with low light. It’s a material that lends itself to precision cuts and seamless finishes enabling a more flawless design deliverable.

Thermally stable wood is another favourite. Its excellent thermal qualities and strength and durability have enabled us to use it in several elevation and interior designs. A truly versatile material, it’s one of our go-to choices.

Calibrated brick is also a favourite. Customizable and available in new and improved finishes, this is a material that we work with quite often.

Treated metals like iron, brass, copper, etc come in infinite variations and finishes are also popular at Urban Zen. By treating them, the end-user gets to benefit from increased surface hardness, temperature resistance, ductility, and improved strength. These advantages can never be understated.

We often work with high performance glass as this material not only provides additional security but also improves window insulation and ensures more efficient heating and cooling in the building. This helps in curtailing unnecessary emissions and minimizes energy wastage.

Rectified Concrete, Thermally Stable Wood, Calibrated Brick, Treated Metals, and High Performance Glass find favour at Urban Zen. An eye for detail and the ability to marry complex materials with intricate craftsmanship defines my design style in many ways. ‘Be true to the materials you use’ is a motto that I have applied and lived throughout my design career.